Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kiba and the Golden Artifact walkthrough

Kiba and the Golden Artifact is an adventure game from begamer that uses a point and click mechanics. A mad scientist Dr Slipp Van Ice, who is also a bird, has conducted an experiment that involved blocking the sunlight.

The sun's rays was hindered that eventually turned the earth cold, very cold. with the catastrophe that this cataclysmic event, the king of monkeys caught cold forcing his princess daughter to go on a quest to counter the evil doings of the evil doctor. This game is straight forward point and click adventure where you must solve scenarios by interacting with the environment.

kiba and the golden artifact walkthrough.Some puzzles are really clever while some are lame but all in all, it is a little fun game that is worth procrastinating to. The art style and animation that it has are also good.

Meanwhile, here is Kiba and the Golden Artifact walkthrough demonstrating the solution to the game.

Bad Piggies Walkthrough

Bad Piggies is Rovio's new physics based puzzle game which tells the other side of the story of Angry Birds. You don't slingshot birds here, your mission is to build make shift transportation vehicle and collect all the pieces of map that leads to the nests of the birds. Apparently, that precious map was shredded into pieces by a fan and was scattered all over the place mostly in places that can only be reached by potty vehicles.

This game looks really cool with its polished graphics and superb physics engine that makes the movements and bouncing of characters looks realistic. Starting your way from building next to useless vehicles made of planks and wooden wheels to building machines capable of flight all in the quest to get to the birds' nest so that king piggy will have his tasty sunny side up.

Bad Piggies walkthrough.I can't say anything bad about this app other than the fact that they made us hate those piggies for being so difficult to knock down in spite of having fired all of the angry birds at them and now they are showing us how this round green hogs are striving so hard just to have fried eggs for meal lol. Meanwhile, here is Bad Piggies walkthrough that is shared on the tubes. It covers pretty much everything in Ground Hog Day.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Submachine 8 The Plan walkthrough

Submachine 8 is another new point and click puzzle game from Mateusz Skutnk. In this game, your goal is to figure out how to make different mechanisms work and find out what are they for.  It would not make much sense to those who are new to the series so I suggest that you play the previous Submachine episodes. But to give you an overview, the story is about escaping from the mysterious closed contraptions of various submerge machines.

The gameplay is straight-forward point and click puzzler where you pick up items and solve puzzles with the help of clues found in the environment. There are also secrets in there but they are not necessary to beat the game. Use the the sides of the screen to navigate around given that you have completed certain puzzles before being able to access other areas.

Submachine 8 The Plan walkthrough.
Reading the documents can give you clues to what you should do next. For those who are not familiar with the genre that this game is in, it is easy to get lost in here so it is most likely you will get stuck at some point. If and only if that happens, that I advise you to look at this Submachine 8 The Plan walkthrough which gives all the solution to all puzzles except the secrets.

Twelve O walkthrough

Twelve O is a point and click puzzle game created by Ozzie Mercado. Basically, its a puzzle that involves clocks, lots of clocks, with their hands showing different time. That's where the challenge comes in -- you have to sync all the clocks into 12:00. While that sounds easy, well, it is not, I tell you. Their hands will move if you move a clock that is directly adjacent to them and sometimes there are clocks that will move in the opposite direction or moves at a different speed.

Twelve O walkthrough.This game by far is one of the most difficult and challenging puzzle games out there not to mention its an original and fresh in its genre. This will definitely help you pass the time, (of course, pun intended) a lot of your time actually, because there are 27 levels across three game modes namely; regular, counter and revolutions.

While the game is all unique and fun to play, it can also be frustrating because of the very smooth controls; so smooth that one accidental click can lead to a great mess and ruin your calculations. I would give a 10/10 rating but because of the not so sleek controls, I give a 9/10. Meanwhile, here is the Twelve O walkthrough that helped me beat the game.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Demon Decimator Walkthrough

Demon Decimator is a tile slider puzzle game from pixelulsar. The player's goal is to help death burn all the demons in the molten pits of lava. They are in their prison and you just have to push to the lava but apparently, it is not that easy. Demons will not stop moving when you push them until they hit a wall so you have to slide them around thinking about the turns you will have to make. There are other mechanisms though, that may help you or worsen the situation. There are these one way gates that when you pass through them they will shut behind you thus preventing you from going back. There are also switches that you have to you have to step onto in order to make a path and there are movable blocks that you can use to make turns.

Demon Decimator walkthrough.I personally like this game but the controls will could be more comfortable if it were WASD instead of the arrow keys and instead of choosing units using mouse, it would be better if there's a keyboard shortcut to cycle through the demons. Anyways, before you proceed to my video guide, hear me out for just a second. This game is very challenging but they are not impossible to beat. It just needs you to focus really hard and you will figure it out. But if all else failed and you are already catching yourself letting out deep sighs or you have pulled many strands of your hair, then and only then you may look at my Demon Decimator walkthrough where my awesomeness are proven to be clever too (all levels beaten).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Room Ipad Walkthrough Chapter 2 Eye Seal

Alright zombie army, here's the promised update to my previous The Room written guide. This will be in part again but don't worry, we will cover whole game in another post. I said "we" because this one is my friend's walkthrough. Anyway, let's proceed to the step by step guide below.

The following guide will be covering spoilers and solutions to the seals in chapter 2.
For seal 1 - The Eye, you begin facing the three seals and keeping the box locked. You must wear the eyepiece and zoom out then go to left side of the box until you see the edge with glowing finger prints.
Tap the fingerprint to take a closer look at the panel and take off your magic eyepiece. To reveal a secret compartment, you must tap the panel. You will find a book in there, take it. Now, inspect the inside of the empty compartment and take note of the signs/symbols marked into the upper right side.

Go to the book in your inventory and inspect it. Its cover is locked and to open it, follow this instruction exactly: Rotate the top disc and the bottom disc to the point that their cut out section is in the middle of the book. Turn the middle piece so that it align vertically with the bottom and top pieces. Rotate the right piece and see that its cut out section is on the right. Finally, read the journal entry in the book and take the key inside it.

Now, zoom out and back to the full view of the box. Put on your magic eyepiece then go to the left until you see glowing shapes around a floating cube shaped object. Zoom in the cube by double tapping on it.
Your goal here is to find a unique number at each side of the cube. So, the left side of the cue has number 5. The right side has the number 7. View the top of the cube. Turn it to the right so that it combines the shapes into number 2. Go to bottom of the cube and turn it to the left so that it combines the shapes into number 6.

Still wearing the eyepiece, inspect the left wall of the box that contains the cube and notice that there are more symbols inside it. Take of the eyepiece to see the lock on the box. Now set the dials in this order: top dial to 2, right dial to 7, the bottom dial to 6 and left dial to 5. The should open up. Then, flip the switch in middle to release a large contraption on the side of the box. Zoom out and turn left to face the contraption. Take a look at the round golden leg at the base of the box. what you have to do here is simply swipe the middle of the leg in a clockwise motion in order to rotate it. It will reveal a cotton piece, take it.

Now zoom out to face the contraption again then zoom in on the area above the golden plate at the lower part of the contraption. Place the piece of cotton into the burner then swipe upwards on the slider to the left of the burner to spark and light up the cotton. Pull the small lever on the right of the burner all the way up to raise the burner. Zoom out then rotate the camera view to the left side of the contraption. Double tap on the small door in the bottom of the left side. Pull the latch off the knob on the small door to open it. Next, you have to insert the key into the winding mechanism by the left of the gears. Move the key in a clockwise motion to start the mechanism.

The camera view will automatically shift to the front of the contraption. Now, turn left to the side of the box until you find a row of letters at the top and round plate with a keyhole simbol in the middle. Zoom in the gold band by double tappin on it then swipe over it from left to right to open the lid at the top. Take the revealed miniature telescope from the compartment under the lid.
In your inventory, inspect the telescope. Rotate the disc at the front of the telescope and position to align the arrows at the top and bottom of the lens. You will know that the disc is aligned correctly when the length of the telescop extends.
Zoom out. Return to the side of the box with the large contraption. Beside the spinning wheel, double tap the stand to zoom in. Place the now extended telescope on the stand then rotate the camera to face the lens of the telescop. wear the eyepiece and tap the lens to see the projected image. Take note of the glowing word "trial" shown in the short clip.

End the clip and the camer view will automatically shift back to the gold disc. When it opens, it will reveal some patterned rings. They are of no use unless you put on your eyepiece. With the eyepiece on, see the hidden pattern over the rings. Drag each ring to rotate it except the center piece. That will be the point of orientation of the pattern in order to solve it. The final shoul look like this:

The Room Ipad walkthrough chapter 2 eye seal.

A small door to the left of the disc will open after solving the patterns. You will find a brass plate with a letter 'L' inside. Zoom back out to the normal view of the box and turn left to the side of the box with the set of letters at the top. Zoom in the letters. Notice the empty space on the right? Put the brass plate into that empty space to add the letter L to the lock. The password is "Trial". Turn the dials to spell out this word. It should open the first seal on the box.

And we're out time once again, folks. Nobody reads this guide except some of my friends so its okay, right? Lol my fingers are tired typing this guide.Meanwhile, here is the chapter 1 written guide in case you missed it.

Anyways, we will continue The Room walkthrough in another post by tomorrow. Until then, you are on your own; just keep calm and don't destroy your own ipad, its expensive.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Room Ipad Walkthrough Chapter 1

Hey guys, I'm here to share The Room ipad written solutions courtesy of my friend Robin. He's been playing this app by Fireproof Games for quite a while now and he keeps on getting stuck but after many hours of teeth gnashing and hair pulling he finally figured out the first chapter and here is what he did.

Start by examining the top of the safe and double tap the envelope to inspect it.
Drag the letter out of the envelope. and read the note. Then take the small brass key from the wax seal.
When thee camera automatically shift to investigate the jewelry box, swipe the lid of the box to make the circle attached to its lid fits over the keyhole in the middle part of the box.

Put the small brass key into the lock by dragging it. Then rotate the key in clockwise motion to open it.
Lift the lid to open the box then take the eyepiece from the opened compartment at the top of the box. The eyepiece will become a button located at the right side of the screen instead of going into your inventory.
Just tap the eyepiece at any time to use it then just tap again to remove.

Double tap the note to reveal a riddle that reads: Feed me and I shall survive, give me a drink and I shall die.
Zoom out to full view of the safe. Notice that the leg of the safe has different alchemical symbol but only one of them is what you need to solve the riddle. The solution is Fire because "feeding it more" will make it grow while pouring water on it will put it out.

Take the old key from the secret compartment and tap the old key in your inventory. Rotate the end of the key and it will turn into a different shape.

Zoom out to the safe again then turn to its side with the ornate disc and ring of golden cogs.
Double tap on the small rectangle panel just above the disc to zoom in. Drag the panel to the left to reveal a kehole. Use old key into the lock. Note: make sure the front of the lock is rotated correctly or the key won't fit in.

Turn the key. When the lock opens, notice that ornate disc has been replaced with a gold disc. Just remember it, you will need it later.
Turn to the left side of the safe with the earth and fire buttons at the base. Take a closer look near the top of the bolted strip and you will find another panel. slide it to the left to reveal a keyhole. Rotate the front of the old key to fit it. Onced aligned correctly, insert it to the lock and turn key to open.
Get metal plate from that secret compartment in the center area of the ornate frame.

Zoom out and go to view the side with maker's plaque. Double tap the one with the word Talisman. Drag the metal plate onto the bolt on the right side of the plaque and rotate the plate to remove the bolt. Get the lens from that secret compartment. Notice that the lens will automatically combine with the eyepiece.

Go to view the side of the safe with the gold disc then zoom in by double tapping on it. To solve and get the correct pattern, wear the eyepiece to see glowing signs on the disc. Drag the rings to move them. However, the center of the disc does not move. Use that point to find the right orientation of the pattern and complete the picture (see image below):

The Room Ipad Walkthrough chapter 1.

Tap the disc to open the door to the safe.

This is the end of the first part of my friend's walkthrough for The Room but I will post the rest later or tomorrow (hopefully) if I find time (and if my friend's ipad is still in one piece).

Monday, September 24, 2012

Domi Hammi Walkthrough

Domi Hammi is what I found while browsing for new physics based puzzle games on FWG. The game is domino game where your goal is to collect all stars in each level. But it's not a regular domino game where you just push one and they all fall, there are balls, blocks and even explosives that involved in this one.

The game is controlled entirely by mouse; drag and drop objects where you want them to be and the domino runs automatically when you are done placing them. There are 24 levels in this game including a few tutorial ones that pretty much explains the game mechanics well.

Domi Hammi walkthrough.As always, FWG presented this one with polished graphics and some pretty okay physics engine although not the most excellent and smoothest out there. Level design are well thought out although some of them can be solved without using all of objects given. Anyways, it's one good game worth a play and I give it a 4/5 rating. Meanwhile, here is Domi Hammi walkthrough with all the solution for those who need help.

TNT Robots Walkthrough

TNT Robots is another point and click physics based puzzler from neirogames. The player's goal is to take out robots in each level by using the force of explosives and making a chain reaction that will impale the robots. You have a variety of explosive at your disposal but they are limited so be wise on where you place them before you detonate.

Polished graphics of this game makes it really beautiful but I hope they would add some more detailed animation to the destruction of the robots. The ragdoll physics is quite impressive and levels seem to be well thought out. As per the music background, I think it does not fit the context of the game. The melody it makes make me think that a fairy will pop up anytime. But there's a mute button so my argument is invalid.

TNT Robots walkthrough.Meanwhile, let me give you some tips; some levels makes it obvious which bomb goes where. If you remember the tutorial, the most likely proper place for the double dynamite is the dark colored bricks/blocks  and grenades are used in objects that are adjacent to each other where its projectile will go. Tips are good by you may need this TNT Robots walkthrough which demonstrates solutions for all of its levels.

Demon Shift walkthrough

Demons Shift is robot cake's new platformer skill based game. The player takes the role of a little devil who was ordered by a bigger devil to collect and bring back the lost souls. Apparently, these lost souls are scattered around across 3 worlds that consist many levels each. Spikes, flying spikes, deadly red creatures that can cause instant death when touched and falling ceilings are what makes it challenging.

While the look and feel of this game looks highly polished and levels are well thought out that works well with the switching dimensions, I find the controls a bit unresponsive at times. The problem could be at my end or the other way around or I'm just making excuses because it's very extra challenging.
Demon Shift walkthrough.
Use rage proof keyboard if you are going to play this one. There, you have been warned and advised. Meanwhile, to prove that this game can in fact be beaten, someone uploaded a Demon Shift walkthrough showing complete gameplay.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reign of Centipede walkthrough

Reign of Centipede is an aim and shoot type of platformer from helmetgames. Your goal is to survive wave after wave of monsters trying to overrun the floating islands. You win if you survive all 65 waves in a stage. Surviving depends on how you manage your islands, in some stages, spending your money on infrastructure that produces soldiers is a wise choice than buying powerful weapons.

Its gameplay is very plain straight to the point and conventional but the challenge is what makes it worthwhile. Spending on the wrong spot can get you in trouble in the long run. I suggest that you make the middle area of the level as your stronghold but early in the game, starting from the top with small firepower buildings is a good strategy. Once you have enough coins, buy the shotgun and take out the enemies on the bottom levels then start working on building green ones that will produce shotgun troopers.

Reign of Centipede walkthrough.
Shotguns are your best bet here because they are the most average in terms of cost and efficiency. But if you can manage to come up with enough money in a short period of time, always go for the most expensive building. Isolating an island and letting monsters amass in there before completely destroying their portal is a good strategy to get easy money. Meanwhile, here is a video of me, you can call it a Reign of Centipede walkthrough if you will but it is just to give you an idea on how a good set up looks like.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse cheats

Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse is another addition to Gamesfree's MM series. A deadly virus has been spreading and infected the world population turning most if not all of them into walking dead. As a lone survivor, your mission is to get rid of this pest once and for all. It is not an easy task but with superior firepower, you might just walk it off alive. Aside from zombies, nothing has changed in terms of bloody action.

The gameplay mechanics and goals changed a bit like, instead of having missions, you only have to survive wave after wave of zombies. You will earn money depending on how well you performed and spend your earnings on upgrades and items at the end of each level. Anyways, you are not here for some review, I know right? You are here for the Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse cheats so here is a list of codes and their corresponding effects to the game.
Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse cheats.
LOCKNLOAD - All weapons
BIGPOPA - Invincible
SURRENDER - Infinity off bullets
CHECKY - Unlock all stages
DARIDE - All medals + Stages Extra
COMEON - Doors reinforced

All of those cheats will sure get you ahead of the game but Using the codes above can ruin the excitement of the game so use it at your own risk. Meanwhile, here is a video of me demonstrating the Mass Mayhem Extra Bloody Zombie Apocalypse cheats (sorry for the poor quality, just giving you an idea where to enter it).

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pheus and Mor walkthrough

Pheus and Mor is a 2 character physics platformer game from PegasGames in which the player follows the story of two bestfriends. We are not talking about regular best friends here, its a boy and his dog kind of BFF. Pheus and his dog Mor must solve the puzzles in each level helping each other and find out what really happened. Why are you in that place and what's with all these weird and surreal rooms riddled with obstacles and switches? Why does the music is so sad? Is there something it is hinting you about the ending?

Dual character has been presented in flash games a long, long time ago so obviously, the mechanics here are not new. But Pheus and Mor is probably one of the most beautiful dual platformer out there. The graphics, the physics, the compelling story it tells and the music: they all fit together perfectly. As you progress through the game the more you will want them to be together even if the gaps are wider, the water is deeper and even if there are more hazards.
Pheus and Mor walkthrough.
This is a very engaging game that will stick in to you at least for quite a while. Overall, I give this a 5 out of five and a few slow claps. Meanwhile, here is Pheus and Mor walkthrough showing story spoilers including its ending and all levels solution.

Purple Planet Walkthrough

Purple Planet is a new point and click adventure type game from coolbuddy. The world is when mankind has the ability to set foot on other worlds with the help of their advance rocket propulsion technology. But a space voyage has gone wrong for one astronaut and his dog when they landed their spaceship on Purple Planet. Waking up on an unknown world, you are the astronaut and you don't remember anything but something is not right: your dog is missing. Probably taken by some green aliens. Go forth and use your wits to find him and find out who is who on this planet.

I don't always play point and click escape games but when I do, it involves an astrodog who has gone missing. While the mechanics of this game is nothing just like all the other P and C games out there, its art style stands out from the crowd.

Purple Planet Walkthrough.Well, maybe that's my personal opinion on this game but games with detailed visuals and certain style, i.e. wacky or comic-y look, gets my attention and making me stick around. This one is one of those type of games.

As per the level of difficulty, it's got some few tricky scenarios and clever puzzles. If you got stuck (like me) at some point of it, here is a Purple Planet walkthrough demonstrating how to solve it.

Takeover Walkthrough

Takeover is a new point and click real time strategy game on armorgames. It was developed by Iriysoft, whoever the guys behind that name, they did a great game for a RTS fan like me. The story of the game is set in a continent that was ruled by Rivadis Empire for centuries who has fallen into necromancers' hands and slowly dying of corruption. The player's goal is to take over the land whatever it may cost. Choose and lead one of 3 nations, each with different campaigns and different types of army with its unique strengths and weakness.

Takeover Walkthrough.It is hard for a RTS to get a significant number of plays in game portals and get the attention of RTS fans these days but Iriysoft nailed it this time. Takeover's graphics and unit animation kind of reminds of Battle Realms, the way the soldiers swing their swords and the way the horses charge into enemies. As per the strategy aspect of the game, its a simple management of 3 resources: population cap, gold and mana for magic, which is good because it will not occupy the player too much and for that you won't miss the action. The upgrades in between levels gives you the chance to choose which attributes or units to strengthen but I think it can go broader that it currently has.

The difficulty level gets progressively challenging and aiming for the perfect rating on each level can be tough. Now here are the Takeover walkthrough (Westaria, Icedales, Crimson Horde campaigns), demonstrating gamplay of all levels.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Orbox B Passwords and Walkthrough

Are you playing the challenging puzzle called Orbox B and experiencing the most difficult part of the game which is getting stuck and is now looking for passwords so can skip the current level you are in? Well, look no more, because just like you, I got stuck in there too and spent a good couple of hours before giving up and started searching for passwords. I listed them below and I also included a playlist of video that may help you guys in beating levels.

Orbox B passwords:

1: zzx112
2: tro412
3: gac721
4: kbr146
5: bod257
6: eca900
Orbox B Passwords and Walkthrough.7: wce293
8: fvz006
9: evy614
10: acc220
11: plp017
12: rfx345
13: vln619
14: hxi442
15: jma555
16: eeg028
17: uns368
18: nps912
19: tgb517
20: yan226
21: rat480
22: rbf294
23: ttf730
24: ydk629
25: qqk747
26: avs170
27: han211
28: kid668
29: ?
30: ?
Meanwhile, here is the walkthrough for Orbox B demonstrating how to complete all levels.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rail Rush Review and Secret Levels Walkthrough

Rail Rush is Miniclip's new fast paced 3D game for the PC, iphone, ipad and Android devices. We all want to experience going through a mine full of mysteries and treasures but what's better than that is going to a mine in a speedy rail cart Indiana Jones style! This game will put your hand eye coordination in extreme test as the game picks up the pace. Avoid hitting obstacles by jumping, crouching, switching tracks and banking left and right while you get gold nuggets, gems and egg rocks conveniently hanging in the air.

Rail Rush Walkthrough.This game by far is the most intense and exciting rollercoaster game I played in my browser for quite some time. The graphics are good, excellent in fact. The musical scoring gets the player in the mood for adventure and challenge. The environment is astonishing in both visual and ambient sounds.

One problem I have though is when I am playing for quite a while on miniclip's website, it gets laggy that the controls becomes less responsive resulting in my premature doom (lols). But then again, the problem could be at my end, like my PC's graphics cannot hanndle the game or its a browser issue. Other than that minor issue, I really enjoyed it and spent a good hour and half playing it. Meanwhile, as per Rail Rush walkthrough, here are some footage from my own gameplay on my PC which reveals some secret levels in the game.

Zombie Exterminator Level Pack walkthrough

Zombie Exterminator Level Pack is a point and click physics puzzle game at maxgames. The game features new levels in addition to its original set of stages. More levels means more zombies to exterminate which equates to more fun apparently. Yes, we all love to impale the undead because we cannot do it to our enemies, boss at job and in-laws (jk).

Back to the game: It has 30 levels, all of them are brand new. The physics is still as smooth as ever though it can be improved, I think. The difficulty is from easy to moderately challenging. The key to winning a level is to determine the sequence of your actions and time it perfectly depending on the moving objects in a specific level.

Zombie Exterminator Level Pack walkthrough.ZE may not be the game if you are looking for challenges but it's quite good if you just want to relax and, you know, impale some wacky looking zombies dressed is business attire. I was playing this at maxgames' website and encountered a glitch on level 11 where both of the icicles got stuck leaving no room for the axe to swing to get momentum and effectively hurl on that target on the left of the screen. But it turned out it was just a browser problem. I restarted the browser and everything went fine. Meanwhile, here is Zombie Exterminator Level Pack walkthrough demonstrating solution for each and every level of the game.

Bit Dungeon walkthrough

Bit Dungeon is a new pixel style Zelda like fantasy action adventure game from kintogames. In this game, you and your wife were captured by demons and like any other valiant knight who has been captured together with his wife, you must slash your way to freedom.

Along the way you will pick up items dropped by the monsters you slay. Choose wisely what you pick though, your survival defends a lot on what type of armor and weapon you are equipped with. As you go further you will have the chance to upgrade the damage you can deal to enemies, the critical attack chance you can inflict and the stun efficiency. It's up to you to prioritize what comes first with these three attributes of your character.

Bit Dungeon walkthrough.
Any retro pixel top down dungeon crawler game is awesome in my eyes but I'm afraid I will not be able to finish this one because there some things that get in the way. No, not monsters and no, not some evil unicorn that shoots kamehame wave from his horn. It's the treasure chests that gets in the way. I get killed a lot of times because I have accidentally clicked them during battle. Until that changed in a way that won't get in the way of a valiant knight, I will be trapped in the dungeon cell. Other than that issue, this game is awesome because of the one button gameplay and although it may look like it gets repetitive easily, the difficulty increases after every level and boss fights.

Meanwhile, here is my Bit Dungeon walkthrough or gameplay video showing my techniques in the game.

Friday, September 14, 2012

100 Doors X 21 - 30 walkthrough

100 Doors X released new set of levels just a few days ago which includes levels 21 to 30. This app is not just for the iOS devices like iphone and ipod touch but you can also get it for your Android phone or device. Anyway, I've written a guide to beating this puzzle game and embedded some helpful videos too.

Level 21:
Tap axe, door.
Tap mask, oil can then door.
Tap people, axe, tree, car then door and you are done.

Level 22:
This level is pretty easy. Tap the wall images in this order: fish, boat, man, bird, plane and moon.

Level 23:
Another quick level but it's quite challenging because math. Tap numeric keys on the door to make numbers: (top)21 and (bottom)13.

Level 24:
100 Doors X 21 - 30 walkthrough.First, set the clock to 10:10. Point the long hand of the clock to 2 while the short hand just past 10. Tap lever and the door should open.

Level 25:
This one is pretty tricky but the solution is quite easy. Just tap the word "open" located on the top row in the very middle part.

Level 26:
Tap and swipe down across all the four eyes for them to close. Tap key then tap activate. Finally, tap door to open.

Level 27:
Tap restart button 3 times. It is the green half circular arrow that the bottom right of the screen.

Level 28:
Tap bell then quickly tap sword. It will go to your inventory slots. Tap the sword to use it. Tap devil seven times.

Level 29:
Just tap these numbers in the exact order as: 2,8,2,9,3,0.

Level 30:
shake your device to spill white blades. Tap those white blades to bring them to inventory. Tap them again to use them. Tap the fan and swipe in a clockwise direction. Tap the door and it should open.

That completes our 100 Doors X walkthrough for levels 21 to 30, folks. Hope it helps. And always remember to keep on sharing!

Poptropica Lunar Colony walkthrough

Poptropica Lunar Colony brings the adventure set in space where you will see abandoned space station and even receive signal from beyond the stars. Explore the secrets of the lunar surface as you unravel the mystery of the cosmos. This game brings new and different environment to the Poptropica world. You can never go wrong with space adventure and this one will easily be a new favorite of the fans.

Of course there's a bonus quest, no Poptropica game that does not have one. On this one, you've returned to planet Earth and received a new transmission: an alien code that needs to be cracked and translated. Note that you can only play the bonus quest if you sign up for the membership. You will also get members only items like gear packs, costumes and alien archaeology power if you do so.
Poptropica Lunar Colony walkthrough

Anyway, since Poptropica LC can get really difficult at some point due to the nature of the game. Specific quests are specially challenging and may require a little thinking out of the box. Here is a full Poptropica Lunar Colony walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game. It will also show how to get important items like the key card and how to pass the eye scanner.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Angel of the Battlefield 2 Walkthrough

Angel Of The Battlefield 2 is a new platformer game developed by dennatouch for PC, Android and iOS. The player in this game takes the role a medic rabbit whose goal is to rescue the wounded and bring them back safely to the medic tent. While that may sound like an easy task, the real challenge comes in when you want to go for three star rating which means beating levels in shortest possible time. Dodging projectiles shooting from nowhere and leaping gaps can be really difficult when you are time pressured.

There are 20 stages to play in this game and each is more challenging after the other. There are also bonus rounds where you shoot carrots and planes to give players a break from all the challenge. As per the design, sounds and music, I think they compliment each other very well.

Angel of the Battlefield 2 walkthrough.The controls are easy and responsive except the minimum height of the jump is dangerously high. In some levels you will wish that you can jump a little lower so that you can avoid bullets but you just cannot. Other than that, it's fine game and I personally recommend it to my readers here. Meanwhile, here is Angel of the Battlefield 2 walkthrough showing all levels beaten.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 walkthrough

Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 is a unique point and click game about, well, trains from author romamik. It's a railway management type where the player's objective is to move wagons and locomotives to their proper stations. That may sound an easy task but further in the many levels of it you will discover that it is not a walk in the park.

There are different types of train cars which you have to move to their corresponding stations however, they can only be pulled or pushed by locomotives that also needs to get to their proper stations. In some levels, it will take you a lot of twists and turns, back and forth, but the real challenge is aiming for the gold medal rating which is determined by the par number of moves indicated in each level.

Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 walkthrough.I have played other railway puzzles where you manage complicated tracks to reroute trains to their right stations but this one is different. You don't only manage tracks here but you will also have to move the trains and cars, disconnect them from each other in order to maneuver and calculate your moves a whole lot so you get that gold medal. I give this 5/5 for its puzzle aspect and game design. As per the difficulty, it's really extra challenging. Here's my Railroad Shunting Puzzle 2 walkthrough part 1 where my level replays from A1-A10, B1-B10 and a couple of C levels are shown (most of them having gold medal).

Radiance Devices walkthrough

Radiance Devices is Hellroom's new platformer puzzler on armorgames. The player must pass through the test chambers filled with chains of energy that can only be activated by the Radiance Device, a gun like tool that shoots colored energy projectiles. Apart from all of the stuff I mentioned, the test chambers also pitfalls that will test your jumping precision.

Controls: Use [WASD] for moving and jumping while [E] is the action key [Q] for camera. I would say that this game is excellent and extremely fun but I am experiencing some lags when playing this game. I am using latest Firefox and I have not tried running it using other browsers. This may be a minor issue if not for the nature of the game like gaps that you have to leap over.

Radiance Devices walkthrough.
I am fan of platformers and I like the context and graphics of this one but as of the moment, this browser issue(?) is preventing me from, going further with the game. Maybe I'll just update this review with a more constructive one when I get to play this with the issue mentioned is fixed. Meanwhile, here is Radiance Devices walkthrough demonstrating the game.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Shape Fold Walkthrough

Shape Fold is Freeworld Group's new mathematical puzzle game. The player's objective is to fold the pieces of shapes into their right places. While that may sound easy, it is not. The shape is divided by hinges into other smaller pieces that are shaped cleverly to trick you.

I'm not sure if I have played another game similar to this but can't remember its title (or I'm just being nostalgic because it reminds me of those triangle puzzles back in the day) , so I can't say if this is a unique concept. But if it is indeed a unique one, then congratulations to the author because he's done a clever addition to the puzzle genre in flash games.

Shape Fold walkthrough.I already played and finished this game but I think I want more levels and I also hope to see this type of games on the iphone or android. The physics is smooth but sometimes too smooth that you will find it a little bit difficult when you are trying to slowly drag pieces into place so that it would not ruin the other pieces already in place. But then again, it might be just me being too demanding.

Overall, this game is perfect if you want a quick puzzle to get your brain working but only for a short while. Meanwhile, here is my Shape Fold Walkthrough revealing solutions which I recorded earlier (yes, that is how I liked this game, I made a video of it).

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Escape From Very Bad Planet (VBP) walkthrough

Escape From The Very Bad Planet (VBP) is Friedpixel's new point and click space shooter game. It's basically the product of an avoider, retro pixel and sidescroller shooter genre fused together. The gameplay is straightforward; upgrade your ship, buy weapons, collect coins along the way and survive till the end of the single level. It's fast paced and one can get easily hooked into it because it's rarely that you get a dull moment in the game. There's always an obstacle to avoid, coins and bonuses to collect and incoming enemies to defend yourself against with.

At the beginning, you can only move your ship around and collect coins, that sounds very boring, right? But once you have purchased some upgrades including guns, things will change instantly.

If you have to get the most of the action, I suggest you buy the coin magnet upgrade early on so that harvesting money will be much easier then you can buy rockets and anything easily the next time you visit shop.

Overall, this game is simple yet fun with all its attractive graphics, addicting gameplay and sound effects. The only eye sore in it is the popup messages stays too long in the player's face (the problem might be on my end though i.e browser issue). Meanwhile, here is Escape From the Very Bad Planet walkthrough demonstrating gameplay completion.

100 Rooms Level 27 Walkthrough

100 Rooms Level 27 is one of the difficult ones included in the new set of levels for this Android puzzle. This one, had me scratching my head for quite a while but I managed to come up with a solution and solved it, with the help of the internet of course. But enough of the boring intro and let me write down the solution here.

First, go right, and look for the tool box. Tap on it and get the small key in there. Go back once and then left. Tap smaller door on the wall. Take out the key and use it to open the little door and you will have a mini puzzle game in it. This one can be a little tricky. The final arrangement of the picture should be like the image below.

100 Rooms Level 27.
After solving that puzzle, go back, then right and tap on the red button found on the wall. Make sure you hear the sound then go back and you will find a secret door has opened because of the red button. Pick up the disc sitting inside of it.

Go right again and tap on the window to pick up cutter tool. Go right and get electric cutter and chainsaw. Next, go right and use your cutter on the middle part of the wall to reveal exit door. Combine disc and electric cutter and use it on the door to break it open. Exit and you are done.

That, my friends, completes the walkthrough for 100 Rooms level 27 and you can now get to the next level. Related: check out walkthrough for level 26 and watch out for solutions for the next one.

100 Rooms Level 26 Walkthrough

100 Rooms puzzle app for Android released new levels which are 26 to 30. So let's get straight forward here and let me reveal the solution for level 26.

First step, get the goggles hanging near the white towel and the door. Next, go right and tap on the water. Take out goggles, use it and tap it again, you will see a wooden box, take it.

Go back the go twice to the right and tap on the left branch on the wooden bench then take the key, use it to open the box. Number on note reads: 7=3 1=5 6=9 3=4.

Go back, then left. Tap on the water near the fire and you will get a spoon. Use it with the water then use it on the coals. 
100 Rooms level 26

Next, tap the window above to reveal the code. Referencing the clues from the previous note, the real code will be 545894.
Finally, go to the door and use the real code to open it and exit.

That's it guys! It's all we have for 100 Rooms level 26 walkthrough and I hope it will be of help to anyone who's reading this (if there's any lolz). Anyway, here are the solution for earlier levels if you needed them, too.

HUEBRIX Walkthrough

Hueybrix is the title for Yellow Monkey's point and click sliding puzzle game. The game is intended to test the player's visual, spatial and logical senses. Use your mouse to drag paths from blocks to fill out grid but each block only give you paths of a specific length. The number indicated on the block is the number of spaces it can fill. In further levels, you will have to deal with special blocks that will limit the direction and movement of your paths.

While this type of games are all over web, this one offers some addition that makes it enjoyable. As per the difficulty of the puzzle aspect, some are actually challenging while some are very easy to solve.

Huebrix walkthrough.Getting lost at certain levels is most likely to happen if there are many different colors of blocks. I played this game and I must admit that I really enjoyed and even taped my gameplay as shown in this Huebrix walkthrough (spoiler alert: solutions to all 35 levels).

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ninja Cannon Walkthrough

Ninja Cannon is the title of yet another turbonuke's latest point and click physics game. Its like Angry Birds but instead of slingshot, you have a cannon and instead of round birds, you have rounded ninjas with different skills that you launch on targets.

Those targets are not pigs, by the way, they are red demons whose abilities include sitting still under protective covers like slabs of stones or bamboo sticks. Too bad, you have abilities of your own that is more awesome that theirs, you just have to use it wisely like a true ninja who masters his environment with the help of a cannon.

Ninja Cannon Walkthrough. With its art style and the fact that it has ninjas in it that uses katanas, star shuriken, grapple and explosives, you are guaranteed of badass physics action. It has 30 levels, each is more challenging after another. All levels are moderately difficult but if you aim for 3 stars rating, its gonna be a little harder -- a lot of trial and errors will be inevitably employed specially in later levels. I already played this and got myself stuck at some point so I gathered Ninja Cannon walkthrough of which some of them I made myself.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sticky Linky Walkthrough and Review

Sticky Linky is a point and click puzzle game that incorporates gooey monsters and balancing to create a fun littl puzzler that can be challenging. It is created by Glueygames, the same author of the two popular Gluey released a while back. The mechanics on this one is to link two or more monsters with the same color to make a chain of blobs. Blobs evolve when more than 5 of them were linked together and clicked. When you have an evolved monster, your next goal is to save him by linking him to two or more blobs with same color as his. You have to save a number of evolved monsters to pass a level determined by the number of leaves displayed at the top of the screen.

There are 24 levels in here but you will start to feel the real challenge on level 9 or 10. That is when you will start to learn how to plan your actions wisely and not just randomly click on blobs and waste your mana points. Mana points determines the faith of a level, if your mana runs out but have not made your goal yet, then that's game over for you.

Sticky Linky Game Walkthrough.
While this game presents a kind of unique twist to the physics puzzle genre, at some point it will get repetitive but that does not mean that it's not a great game. It is a great game, a very good one to kill sometime with. It has plenty of room for more twists and challenges but I can only hope that the author will do some level packs or sequels to this one or even put it available for the iphone or android. Meanwhile, here is Sticky Linky Walkthrough demonstrating gameplay completion for all its levels.

Lost Robot Walkthrough

Lost Robot is a new point and click adventure game from godvil. The player takes on the role of a robot who one day woke up to find himself alone in a lab. The last thing he remembers is that the professor is powering him down for a routine check up. But his circuitry shows that it was months ago. It's up to you to guide the little robot through the laboratory in order to find clues as to what really happened while he was asleep.

This game somehow reminds me of Monkey Island and other certain games. The graphics and animation of character is excellent. Its music background compliment the context and theme of the game giving the player the feeling of being in a futuristic environment.
Lost Robot Walkthrough.
While it may be all beautiful in the visuals, it also has a fair to moderately challenging difficulty. So it is only normal that one may get stuck at some point of it. If that is the case why you're here, well here is Lost Robot walkthrough demonstrating solutions and game completion.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cookie Hamster Walkthrough

Cookie Hamster is a point and click physics puzzle game from Keybol. The player's objective is to move the hamster to the cookie in each level by moving platforms where the hamster stands. Click the joints in the platforms to make it drop or swing depending on the level that you are in.

The player fails a level when the hamster or the cookie get off the playing field. Plan your actions and in some levels timing is key. You may also try to collect coins along the way for better score if you are the type of player that thrives for more awesomeness.

Cookie Hamster.
This game has some really nice art style and the character is simply adorable. It has many levels that each present a unique physics puzzle and are progressively challenging.

When you get stuck you can always access Cookie Hamster walkthrough which demonstrates how to solve each level.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Follow Your Love Walkthrough

Follow You Love is a platformer skill based game from zayplay. It's about a gooey blue gelly creature who is following his big love that he lost somewhere. The player must guide this little jelly through 18 different levels to find his girlfriend.

Along the way, you will learn abilities that is greatly needed in order to overcome obstacles in your way. All blobs must go through many challenges in order to get his love and only those who don't surrender no matter what hindrances and pitfalls comes in their way will succeed .

Follow Your Love.
I played this game already and I enjoyed its simplicity -- the blob graphics and straight forward platformer mechanics. some levels are moderately skill challenging and had me gone through a few trials and errors. If you are having difficulties, I suggest you check out Follow Your Love walkthrough demonstrating how to beat each level in the game.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Billy Makin Kid All Combinations List

I  played Billy Makin Kid and I enjoyed it from start to the ending scene. The gameplay is very engaging and fast paced. Another thing that I liked in this game is the combining of elements in order to get new things and more unit types.

I have here all of Billy Makin Kid Combination List so if anyone might need it, feel free to use this blog as reference.

rock - wood = slingshot.
steel - wood = swordsman
creepy skulls - sword = skeleton sword man
feather - wood = archer
archer - skeleton swordsman = skeleton archer
thunder storm - wood = fire
skull - thunderstorm = Frankenstein
gun powder - fire = explosion
Billy Makin Kid All Combinations List.gun powder - fire archer = rocket-man
magic and occultism - skull = witch
magic and occultism - feather = egg
egg - skull = green egg
green egg - Frankenstein = stonehead
egg - stone = yolk
advanced mech tech - explosion = bomb
advanced mech tech - gunner = machine gunner
advanced mech tech - archer = crossbowman
advanced mech tech - slingshot = catapult man
bomb - catapult man = bomb catapult-man

There you have it folks, my Billy Makin Kid Combination list which will help you unlock all units.

Icy Purple Head Walkthrough

Icy Purple Head is a point and click physics puzzle game authored by Miniduck. The goal in the game is to guide a boxy character to his destination. Make use of his abilities that includes being sticky purple thing and slippery ice block.

There will be a lot of other things that you can use to get to your destination. However, there will also be obstacles and hazards that you need to overcome.

Icy Purple Head walkthrough.
This game features 20 unique levels with amazing physics elements but 20 levels only is not enough (I want more) to be a challenge for a regular AG player. Nonetheless, this is one fine game if you have few minutes to kill.

Meanwhile, here is Icy Purple Head walkthrough demonstrating how gameplay is done correctly.

100 Gates Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Solution for levels 21 to 30 of 100 Gates Android app is listed below. This set of levels is one of the latest update as of the time of this writing. Without further ado and BS introduction, read on for the written guide and some videos.

100 Gates Level 21

Shake it baby! Shake your device til that dragon breathe fire and disappears. The room will be set in flames. Drag all the pieces of pipes from the lower right corner of the screen and connect them together to devise a water sprinkler to put out the fire. See the video for the right design of the pipes. When the fire is out, the dragon will appear once again. Take out your mighty sword from the inventory and use it the dragon to kill it. Proceed to the next gate.

100 Gates Level 22

Press on the scrolls as indicated by the two books below. See the image below for the scrolls that needs to be opened.

100 Gates Level 21-30 walkthrough.

After the scrolls disappears, tap on the shelf to reveal the exit.

100 Gates Level 23

Move symbols to their corresponding spot -- move them to the one that matches the symbol color. The exact order: pink, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue, yellow, purple, green. pink, blue, yellow. After that, tap the center of the door to proceed to the next stage.

100 Gates Level 24

Tap the skulls as suggested by the numbers under the candles. The exact order should be: top, left, right, bottom. But the catch is that the skulls must be in vertical position when you tap them so just tilt your device accordingly so that the skull's head you are tapping is pointing upward.

100 Gates Level 25

You have to steer the gear by moving your phone. The moment the gear hits the numbers, they will start spinning. Just see the video for the solution for 25.

100 Gates Level 26

change the order of the signs by tapping it in this exact order: 5th, 1st, 1st 5th, 5th.

100 Gates Level 27

Tap each of the pieces to turn them around until the puzzle is solved. It may take some time (about 40 seconds). It's pretty easy actually but here is a video anyway.

100 Gates Level 28

Before you start this level, put your phone on a flat surface to balance and control easily (a table will do okay). Tilt your phone to move star to the moon on the top left, sword and shield must go to the knight's armor symbol located at the lower left, the bone and skull to the bottom right.

100 Gates Level 29

You have to put the planets in their proper places as suggested by the signs. Earth (blue to the left, Mars(middle one) and Venus on the right. Turn your phone updisde down arrange the planet while in that position then turn your phone back up to and place them to their corresponding spot.

100 Gates Level 30

The idea is to put the keys to their right places. However, before placing a key, tap the wheel in the middle to change its order. The highlighted arrow with a recatangular shape above hints which key to place. With that, it gives us this order: tap the wheel then tap the top right key, tap the wheel twice then put bottom right key, tap twice again then put the bottom left, tap twice again and then place the last key. The end.

There you have it folks, the 100 Gates Levels 21-30 walkthrough that I hope helped you guys out. I will update this as soon as new set of levels are released.

Undermountain RTS Game Walkthrough

Undermountain is a title for a RTS game from Vasily Kotskin. In the game, a player can play a single player mode or fight other players in multiplayer mode.

The story is set in the Undermountain, a place where dwarves rule kingdoms. In single player mode, the player takes command of a dwarf kingdom and its army as the enemies come close. Hire workers and dig for gold while you manage resources, fortify defenses and devise your offense against enemy base.

Undermountain Walkthrough and Review.
While the whole context and mechanics of this game is a nice take on the real time strategy genre, it is receiving a lot of complains from its players about he AI of the characters. Apparently, the workers will aimlessly roam around when they don't have orders to dig and eventually will caught on hostiles' path. Other than that, this game is good and the campaign can be fun and challenging at the same time.

Meanwhile, as per Undermountain walkthrough here are some videos demonstrating complete single player gameplay.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gun Mayhem 2 Walkthrough With Final Boss Battle

Gun Mayhem 2: More Mayhem is a action shooter platformer battle game from Kevin Gu. In this game, the player or players must engage in death-matches with various AI opponents that uses different perks and gear.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter more difficult to beat opponents but don't worry, you can choose from a variety of perks to use before each battle so you better read the enemy description so you can choose the appropriate perk to use.

Gun Mayhem 2: More Mayhem walkthrough, guide, cheats and review.

While this sequel has more explosive action and has a bunch of custom game modes, it is more difficult than its predecessor -- almost ridiculously challenging that one might easily think that the final test (last stage) is impossible to beat but it's not. Here is some awesome player with Gun Mayhem 2 walkthrough showing game completion.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

City Siege Sniper Game Walkthrough

City Siege Sniper is a point and click action shooter from thepodgegames. In this game, the player takes on the role of a lone sniper in the City Siege universe whose mission is to save SNAFU island from the threat of baddies. This is no shoot-them-all kind of mission, you will have to aide civilians to escape by distracting the baddies before taking them down strategically.

In the event hostiles finds out your location and return fire, use cover. Make sure that the perimeter is clear of civilians before you go for explosive kills. When you successfully complete missions, you will earn some money that you can use to procure new and powerful weapons or get the ability to call air strikes.

City Siege Sniper Walkthrough.
This little game features 25 levels set on various parts of SNAFU island, jungles, volcanoes, beaches and more. While this game's context and mechanics may seem simple, it can also prove to be fairly challenging especially if you aim for zero casualty rating for each level. To guide you how to achieve three stars rating on every mission, you can follow this City Siege Sniper game walkthrough covering everything.