Saturday, August 11, 2012

100 Rooms Android Walkthrough Level 1 to 7

100 Rooms is another Android app puzzle game from Ancient Blacksmiths. It features addicting mini puzzles and pretty much everything you can find in lots of other different puzzle games like 100 floors. The goal is simple; unlock the door to get to another room where another brain twisting scenario awaits. Carefully observe the room to find items that will help you advance. One item can be combined to another to get a new item. Yes, it gets pretty tricky.

Anyways, let's cover here some solutions to the first 7 levels in this challenging app shall we? For level 1: start by going left and tap on the desk. Open the middle drawer and get the item there that looks like a handle. Double tap the handle then use the lock with it to make one item. Get to the door and use the handle on it to open it.

Level 2: Start by going left twice then zooming in on the window to get the handle from the drapes. Go back right and zoom in on the flower/plant then take the antennae looking thing. Go back left twice and zoom in on shelves then take the wooden handle from the bottom part of the shelf. Tap twice on steel handle and put the antenna on it followed by the wooden handle to make another item which is a saw. Use the saw on the lock and the door should open.

100 Rooms Android Walkthrough.Level 3: Start by moving left twice and zooming in on the window. You will find a knife, take it. Go back then left and examine the trash can. Get that piece of wood then use the knife on it. Move right twice and tap the chair to move to position it to the middle. Tap the neon light and use neon on it. Go back and take note of the code: 783461 then use that numbers on the door and you're out.

Level 4: Pick the axe just above the door. Go right twice and get the power plug. Go right once and attach the plug to the broken wire. It should plug in. Zoom out then open the hot water to reveal a code on the window which reads: 514796. Memorize it or write down then go back twice and use the axe on the pieces of wood on the wall to reveal a safe. Use the code on the safe and take the keys. Yes, these keys opens the door.

Level 5: First, go right and take note of the code: 2045 and the combination of colors. Move right and tap the window. You hate ducks so you must shoot it as indicated by the codes and colors; 2 yellow, 4 green, 5 red. After successfully shooting the ducks in that exact order, a red box will reveal itself. Tap it and get a hammer. Go back then right and use the hammer on the glass on the table then take a piece of broken glass. Go to the couch where you find the code and use the piece of glass on the painting to reveal another code. Move over to the door and tap the N letter above. After that, go left once, three times to the right and twice to left and finally the door opens.

Level 6: Start by zooming in on the pieces of wood and take the code which reads: 41423. Next is go left and take the bucket. Zoom out and zoom in on the pipes. Fill the bucket with water and get the key. Go back then left and zoom in again on the bookshelf. Take the brown book that says something about codes, it has symbols that represents the code. Go back and use the symbols to open the drawers follow this order: half circle, triangle, half circle, cross, human symbol. Get the teddy bear. Go back then left and zoom in on the painting. Put the bear in the painting and use the key to open it. A new key will reveal itself which you will use to open the door.

Level 7: Start by going twice to the left then get that red book from the shelf. Keep in mind that this level is specially cryptic. Derived from the numbers on the chair, clock, teddy bear, from the planks, mail box and the number of book in the room, we have got a code that reads 981471. Now zoom in on the safe sitting on the table and use that code to open it and get the tool inside. Go back to the bookshelf. Zoom in and use the tool you got from the safe to get a piece of wire. Combine it with the tool to create a makeshift hook. Go to the mail box and use your improvised hook to get a key then swallow the key, just kidding, use it on the door and you're done.

Congratulations, you now have completed all the first 7 levels of the game. If you need more help, check this 100 Rooms Android walkthrough showing all the solutions I mentioned above.

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