Sunday, September 9, 2012

HUEBRIX Walkthrough

Hueybrix is the title for Yellow Monkey's point and click sliding puzzle game. The game is intended to test the player's visual, spatial and logical senses. Use your mouse to drag paths from blocks to fill out grid but each block only give you paths of a specific length. The number indicated on the block is the number of spaces it can fill. In further levels, you will have to deal with special blocks that will limit the direction and movement of your paths.

While this type of games are all over web, this one offers some addition that makes it enjoyable. As per the difficulty of the puzzle aspect, some are actually challenging while some are very easy to solve.

Huebrix walkthrough.Getting lost at certain levels is most likely to happen if there are many different colors of blocks. I played this game and I must admit that I really enjoyed and even taped my gameplay as shown in this Huebrix walkthrough (spoiler alert: solutions to all 35 levels).

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