Monday, September 24, 2012

TNT Robots Walkthrough

TNT Robots is another point and click physics based puzzler from neirogames. The player's goal is to take out robots in each level by using the force of explosives and making a chain reaction that will impale the robots. You have a variety of explosive at your disposal but they are limited so be wise on where you place them before you detonate.

Polished graphics of this game makes it really beautiful but I hope they would add some more detailed animation to the destruction of the robots. The ragdoll physics is quite impressive and levels seem to be well thought out. As per the music background, I think it does not fit the context of the game. The melody it makes make me think that a fairy will pop up anytime. But there's a mute button so my argument is invalid.

TNT Robots walkthrough.Meanwhile, let me give you some tips; some levels makes it obvious which bomb goes where. If you remember the tutorial, the most likely proper place for the double dynamite is the dark colored bricks/blocks  and grenades are used in objects that are adjacent to each other where its projectile will go. Tips are good by you may need this TNT Robots walkthrough which demonstrates solutions for all of its levels.

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