Thursday, September 27, 2012

Demon Decimator Walkthrough

Demon Decimator is a tile slider puzzle game from pixelulsar. The player's goal is to help death burn all the demons in the molten pits of lava. They are in their prison and you just have to push to the lava but apparently, it is not that easy. Demons will not stop moving when you push them until they hit a wall so you have to slide them around thinking about the turns you will have to make. There are other mechanisms though, that may help you or worsen the situation. There are these one way gates that when you pass through them they will shut behind you thus preventing you from going back. There are also switches that you have to you have to step onto in order to make a path and there are movable blocks that you can use to make turns.

Demon Decimator walkthrough.I personally like this game but the controls will could be more comfortable if it were WASD instead of the arrow keys and instead of choosing units using mouse, it would be better if there's a keyboard shortcut to cycle through the demons. Anyways, before you proceed to my video guide, hear me out for just a second. This game is very challenging but they are not impossible to beat. It just needs you to focus really hard and you will figure it out. But if all else failed and you are already catching yourself letting out deep sighs or you have pulled many strands of your hair, then and only then you may look at my Demon Decimator walkthrough where my awesomeness are proven to be clever too (all levels beaten).

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