Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kiba and the Golden Artifact walkthrough

Kiba and the Golden Artifact is an adventure game from begamer that uses a point and click mechanics. A mad scientist Dr Slipp Van Ice, who is also a bird, has conducted an experiment that involved blocking the sunlight.

The sun's rays was hindered that eventually turned the earth cold, very cold. with the catastrophe that this cataclysmic event, the king of monkeys caught cold forcing his princess daughter to go on a quest to counter the evil doings of the evil doctor. This game is straight forward point and click adventure where you must solve scenarios by interacting with the environment.

kiba and the golden artifact walkthrough.Some puzzles are really clever while some are lame but all in all, it is a little fun game that is worth procrastinating to. The art style and animation that it has are also good.

Meanwhile, here is Kiba and the Golden Artifact walkthrough demonstrating the solution to the game.

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