Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cookie Hamster Walkthrough

Cookie Hamster is a point and click physics puzzle game from Keybol. The player's objective is to move the hamster to the cookie in each level by moving platforms where the hamster stands. Click the joints in the platforms to make it drop or swing depending on the level that you are in.

The player fails a level when the hamster or the cookie get off the playing field. Plan your actions and in some levels timing is key. You may also try to collect coins along the way for better score if you are the type of player that thrives for more awesomeness.

Cookie Hamster.
This game has some really nice art style and the character is simply adorable. It has many levels that each present a unique physics puzzle and are progressively challenging.

When you get stuck you can always access Cookie Hamster walkthrough which demonstrates how to solve each level.

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