Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Follow Your Love Walkthrough

Follow You Love is a platformer skill based game from zayplay. It's about a gooey blue gelly creature who is following his big love that he lost somewhere. The player must guide this little jelly through 18 different levels to find his girlfriend.

Along the way, you will learn abilities that is greatly needed in order to overcome obstacles in your way. All blobs must go through many challenges in order to get his love and only those who don't surrender no matter what hindrances and pitfalls comes in their way will succeed .

Follow Your Love.
I played this game already and I enjoyed its simplicity -- the blob graphics and straight forward platformer mechanics. some levels are moderately skill challenging and had me gone through a few trials and errors. If you are having difficulties, I suggest you check out Follow Your Love walkthrough demonstrating how to beat each level in the game.

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