Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Room Ipad Walkthrough Chapter 1

Hey guys, I'm here to share The Room ipad written solutions courtesy of my friend Robin. He's been playing this app by Fireproof Games for quite a while now and he keeps on getting stuck but after many hours of teeth gnashing and hair pulling he finally figured out the first chapter and here is what he did.

Start by examining the top of the safe and double tap the envelope to inspect it.
Drag the letter out of the envelope. and read the note. Then take the small brass key from the wax seal.
When thee camera automatically shift to investigate the jewelry box, swipe the lid of the box to make the circle attached to its lid fits over the keyhole in the middle part of the box.

Put the small brass key into the lock by dragging it. Then rotate the key in clockwise motion to open it.
Lift the lid to open the box then take the eyepiece from the opened compartment at the top of the box. The eyepiece will become a button located at the right side of the screen instead of going into your inventory.
Just tap the eyepiece at any time to use it then just tap again to remove.

Double tap the note to reveal a riddle that reads: Feed me and I shall survive, give me a drink and I shall die.
Zoom out to full view of the safe. Notice that the leg of the safe has different alchemical symbol but only one of them is what you need to solve the riddle. The solution is Fire because "feeding it more" will make it grow while pouring water on it will put it out.

Take the old key from the secret compartment and tap the old key in your inventory. Rotate the end of the key and it will turn into a different shape.

Zoom out to the safe again then turn to its side with the ornate disc and ring of golden cogs.
Double tap on the small rectangle panel just above the disc to zoom in. Drag the panel to the left to reveal a kehole. Use old key into the lock. Note: make sure the front of the lock is rotated correctly or the key won't fit in.

Turn the key. When the lock opens, notice that ornate disc has been replaced with a gold disc. Just remember it, you will need it later.
Turn to the left side of the safe with the earth and fire buttons at the base. Take a closer look near the top of the bolted strip and you will find another panel. slide it to the left to reveal a keyhole. Rotate the front of the old key to fit it. Onced aligned correctly, insert it to the lock and turn key to open.
Get metal plate from that secret compartment in the center area of the ornate frame.

Zoom out and go to view the side with maker's plaque. Double tap the one with the word Talisman. Drag the metal plate onto the bolt on the right side of the plaque and rotate the plate to remove the bolt. Get the lens from that secret compartment. Notice that the lens will automatically combine with the eyepiece.

Go to view the side of the safe with the gold disc then zoom in by double tapping on it. To solve and get the correct pattern, wear the eyepiece to see glowing signs on the disc. Drag the rings to move them. However, the center of the disc does not move. Use that point to find the right orientation of the pattern and complete the picture (see image below):

The Room Ipad Walkthrough chapter 1.

Tap the disc to open the door to the safe.

This is the end of the first part of my friend's walkthrough for The Room but I will post the rest later or tomorrow (hopefully) if I find time (and if my friend's ipad is still in one piece).

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