Sunday, September 9, 2012

100 Rooms Level 26 Walkthrough

100 Rooms puzzle app for Android released new levels which are 26 to 30. So let's get straight forward here and let me reveal the solution for level 26.

First step, get the goggles hanging near the white towel and the door. Next, go right and tap on the water. Take out goggles, use it and tap it again, you will see a wooden box, take it.

Go back the go twice to the right and tap on the left branch on the wooden bench then take the key, use it to open the box. Number on note reads: 7=3 1=5 6=9 3=4.

Go back, then left. Tap on the water near the fire and you will get a spoon. Use it with the water then use it on the coals. 
100 Rooms level 26

Next, tap the window above to reveal the code. Referencing the clues from the previous note, the real code will be 545894.
Finally, go to the door and use the real code to open it and exit.

That's it guys! It's all we have for 100 Rooms level 26 walkthrough and I hope it will be of help to anyone who's reading this (if there's any lolz). Anyway, here are the solution for earlier levels if you needed them, too.

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