Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bad Piggies Walkthrough

Bad Piggies is Rovio's new physics based puzzle game which tells the other side of the story of Angry Birds. You don't slingshot birds here, your mission is to build make shift transportation vehicle and collect all the pieces of map that leads to the nests of the birds. Apparently, that precious map was shredded into pieces by a fan and was scattered all over the place mostly in places that can only be reached by potty vehicles.

This game looks really cool with its polished graphics and superb physics engine that makes the movements and bouncing of characters looks realistic. Starting your way from building next to useless vehicles made of planks and wooden wheels to building machines capable of flight all in the quest to get to the birds' nest so that king piggy will have his tasty sunny side up.

Bad Piggies walkthrough.I can't say anything bad about this app other than the fact that they made us hate those piggies for being so difficult to knock down in spite of having fired all of the angry birds at them and now they are showing us how this round green hogs are striving so hard just to have fried eggs for meal lol. Meanwhile, here is Bad Piggies walkthrough that is shared on the tubes. It covers pretty much everything in Ground Hog Day.

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