Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ninja Cannon Walkthrough

Ninja Cannon is the title of yet another turbonuke's latest point and click physics game. Its like Angry Birds but instead of slingshot, you have a cannon and instead of round birds, you have rounded ninjas with different skills that you launch on targets.

Those targets are not pigs, by the way, they are red demons whose abilities include sitting still under protective covers like slabs of stones or bamboo sticks. Too bad, you have abilities of your own that is more awesome that theirs, you just have to use it wisely like a true ninja who masters his environment with the help of a cannon.

Ninja Cannon Walkthrough. With its art style and the fact that it has ninjas in it that uses katanas, star shuriken, grapple and explosives, you are guaranteed of badass physics action. It has 30 levels, each is more challenging after another. All levels are moderately difficult but if you aim for 3 stars rating, its gonna be a little harder -- a lot of trial and errors will be inevitably employed specially in later levels. I already played this and got myself stuck at some point so I gathered Ninja Cannon walkthrough of which some of them I made myself.

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