Friday, September 28, 2012

Submachine 8 The Plan walkthrough

Submachine 8 is another new point and click puzzle game from Mateusz Skutnk. In this game, your goal is to figure out how to make different mechanisms work and find out what are they for.  It would not make much sense to those who are new to the series so I suggest that you play the previous Submachine episodes. But to give you an overview, the story is about escaping from the mysterious closed contraptions of various submerge machines.

The gameplay is straight-forward point and click puzzler where you pick up items and solve puzzles with the help of clues found in the environment. There are also secrets in there but they are not necessary to beat the game. Use the the sides of the screen to navigate around given that you have completed certain puzzles before being able to access other areas.

Submachine 8 The Plan walkthrough.
Reading the documents can give you clues to what you should do next. For those who are not familiar with the genre that this game is in, it is easy to get lost in here so it is most likely you will get stuck at some point. If and only if that happens, that I advise you to look at this Submachine 8 The Plan walkthrough which gives all the solution to all puzzles except the secrets.

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