Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Billy Makin Kid All Combinations List

I  played Billy Makin Kid and I enjoyed it from start to the ending scene. The gameplay is very engaging and fast paced. Another thing that I liked in this game is the combining of elements in order to get new things and more unit types.

I have here all of Billy Makin Kid Combination List so if anyone might need it, feel free to use this blog as reference.

rock - wood = slingshot.
steel - wood = swordsman
creepy skulls - sword = skeleton sword man
feather - wood = archer
archer - skeleton swordsman = skeleton archer
thunder storm - wood = fire
skull - thunderstorm = Frankenstein
gun powder - fire = explosion
Billy Makin Kid All Combinations List.gun powder - fire archer = rocket-man
magic and occultism - skull = witch
magic and occultism - feather = egg
egg - skull = green egg
green egg - Frankenstein = stonehead
egg - stone = yolk
advanced mech tech - explosion = bomb
advanced mech tech - gunner = machine gunner
advanced mech tech - archer = crossbowman
advanced mech tech - slingshot = catapult man
bomb - catapult man = bomb catapult-man

There you have it folks, my Billy Makin Kid Combination list which will help you unlock all units.