Friday, September 7, 2012

Sticky Linky Walkthrough and Review

Sticky Linky is a point and click puzzle game that incorporates gooey monsters and balancing to create a fun littl puzzler that can be challenging. It is created by Glueygames, the same author of the two popular Gluey released a while back. The mechanics on this one is to link two or more monsters with the same color to make a chain of blobs. Blobs evolve when more than 5 of them were linked together and clicked. When you have an evolved monster, your next goal is to save him by linking him to two or more blobs with same color as his. You have to save a number of evolved monsters to pass a level determined by the number of leaves displayed at the top of the screen.

There are 24 levels in here but you will start to feel the real challenge on level 9 or 10. That is when you will start to learn how to plan your actions wisely and not just randomly click on blobs and waste your mana points. Mana points determines the faith of a level, if your mana runs out but have not made your goal yet, then that's game over for you.

Sticky Linky Game Walkthrough.
While this game presents a kind of unique twist to the physics puzzle genre, at some point it will get repetitive but that does not mean that it's not a great game. It is a great game, a very good one to kill sometime with. It has plenty of room for more twists and challenges but I can only hope that the author will do some level packs or sequels to this one or even put it available for the iphone or android. Meanwhile, here is Sticky Linky Walkthrough demonstrating gameplay completion for all its levels.

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