Friday, September 7, 2012

Lost Robot Walkthrough

Lost Robot is a new point and click adventure game from godvil. The player takes on the role of a robot who one day woke up to find himself alone in a lab. The last thing he remembers is that the professor is powering him down for a routine check up. But his circuitry shows that it was months ago. It's up to you to guide the little robot through the laboratory in order to find clues as to what really happened while he was asleep.

This game somehow reminds me of Monkey Island and other certain games. The graphics and animation of character is excellent. Its music background compliment the context and theme of the game giving the player the feeling of being in a futuristic environment.
Lost Robot Walkthrough.
While it may be all beautiful in the visuals, it also has a fair to moderately challenging difficulty. So it is only normal that one may get stuck at some point of it. If that is the case why you're here, well here is Lost Robot walkthrough demonstrating solutions and game completion.

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