Monday, September 24, 2012

Demon Shift walkthrough

Demons Shift is robot cake's new platformer skill based game. The player takes the role of a little devil who was ordered by a bigger devil to collect and bring back the lost souls. Apparently, these lost souls are scattered around across 3 worlds that consist many levels each. Spikes, flying spikes, deadly red creatures that can cause instant death when touched and falling ceilings are what makes it challenging.

While the look and feel of this game looks highly polished and levels are well thought out that works well with the switching dimensions, I find the controls a bit unresponsive at times. The problem could be at my end or the other way around or I'm just making excuses because it's very extra challenging.
Demon Shift walkthrough.
Use rage proof keyboard if you are going to play this one. There, you have been warned and advised. Meanwhile, to prove that this game can in fact be beaten, someone uploaded a Demon Shift walkthrough showing complete gameplay.

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