Thursday, January 31, 2013

Folds Origami Game Walkthrough

Folds Origami Game is a new puzzle from Bryce Summer. This the product when old Japanese art meets flash. It's very simple, you just have to click and drag to fold the paper so that it fits the outlined shape which is your goal. It's even easier than the actual origami but that doesn't mean this flash game is easy to solve. Gather your knowledge on geometry, trigonometry and other mathmetry or shapemetry you know of - you will need them here.

If all your shapemetry skills can't match the problems this presents to you and all else fails, it is time to cheat. Below is Folds Origami Game walkthrough demonstrating in a quite fine detail how to solve each and every level in the game.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Celebs Quiz Who is That Answers

Celebs Quiz Who is That is a new guessing game from symblcrowd. This game is divided into 5 levels that consist 20 pictures each. That makes a total of 100 photos of celebrities that you have to answer. Can't recognize a specific picture? You can use 2 hints for each of them but at the expense of points which can be replenished by buying them with stars.

Celebs Quiz Who is That AnswersThis quiz game looks easy from the cover but it can get tricky for some players specially for those who don't care much for Hollywood. Meanwhile, here are all the Celebs Quiz Who is That Answers for all of the 5 levels.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wake Up The Box 5 Walkthrough

The most sleepy square character on the internet is back in Wake Up The Box 5, the latest episode of the physics puzzle game by Eugene Karataev. Your objective in this game is non other than to knock the sleeping box off the edge in order to have him awake.

Draw shapes and lines inside the drawing area that you think will interact well with the other objects already in the scene. You can use freehand drawing, lines or circles depending on what you need to do.

Wake Up The Box 5 WalkthroughAlways keep in mind that the drawing area is the only place you are allowed to draw and that is the catch of the game which makes it challenging and interesting. For those who are stuck and looking for help or solutions to particular levels, please find answers in Wake Up The Box 5 walkthrough laid out down below.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stick War 2 Walkthrough: Normal and Insane

Stick War 2: Order Empire is the sequel to the hit strategy flash game from stickpage. This game has new improvements from the original such as art, new gameplay, new units, 2 races, massive army command, upgrade shops and new powers. Playing this game can take a good chunk of your time because of its naturally addicting nature and progressively increasing difficulty as you play.

Stick War 2 Walkthrough
I can go on and on about how this game totally rocks and how awesome of a strategy game it is but what we all need right now is Stick War 2 walkthrough showing how to beat the normal mode and the almost impossible insane mode campaign. So thanks to the video guide embedded below.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Where is 2013 Walkthrough

Where is 2013 is the question that this point and click puzzle game from pastel stories bear.. and it's also its title. Finding the year itself is the main objective in this game but how do you find a year especially if you have to search in a world where magnetic fields are shifting and electricity are malfunctioning. Maybe that is where you have to start, by finding necessary objects and putting them back where they should be.

Where is 2013 WalkthroughThe changing cursor will most likely guide all the way. You just have to keep watch on it. But this game can be tricky and one can get stuck easily. If the latter is your situation, you can always consult Where is 2013 walkthrough laid out below which will give you spoilers, hints and solution as to where to find all 10 marbles and finish the game altogether.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Enola Prelude Walkthrough

Enola Prelude is another turn based action adventure game from jimp. This sends players to an epic journey filled with battle and magic. Unlike other turn based strategies out there, this one is kind of simple. No attributes to manage, no quest just straight forward battle in one direction adventure. You have the choice which weapon to equip, though. If you have the ingredients or materials needed (which you can get by doing a rerun on completed levels), you can buy new weapons from the weapon-smith.

Enola Prelude WalkthroughThe title of the game says it's just a prelude so I think that it is safe to assume that there will be a sequel soon. If you watch my Enola Prelude walkthrough below, you will see the ending of the game in which *spoilers* our hero team up with two other warriors.