Saturday, March 11, 2017

Yellow Hut Escape walkthrough review

Yellow Hut Escape is Games4Kings' new point and click game again set in a deserted resort. In this game you are in a vacation galore in some far away resort famous for having different colored huts.
Yellow Hut Escape walkthrough.

You were just enjoying the peaceful place but suddenly things went awry as you managed to trapped yourself inside cottage. To make things worst, there is no one there but you. No one can hear your cries for help and if you remain trapped for so long you might end up vactaioning to the next life.

Find the items that will help you make your way out while solving intermediate to difficult puzzles along the way. That is how it's done! If you have already done everything you can and you finally give up, you can always refer to the Yellow Hut Escape walkthrough by G4K below.

Blue Hut Escape walkthrough review

Blue Hut Escape is another new point and click room escape game from G4K. In this game your goal is to break out from a strange Blue Hut in a deserted resort.
Blue Hut Escape walkthrough.

Apparently, you were just chilling in the said resort but somehow you've lost your keys and ended up being trapped inside it. There is no one to help you so you have to find a way out by finding neccessary items and solving puzzles. Some items are hidden well around the place so stay sharp. The puzzles can prove difficult to solve especially if you are new to playing this type of games.

As for the gameplay, I have to commend the artwork style which makes the items and objects in the game easy to recognize. The drawing or artwork can sometimes be the one factor to solve these kind of games. I mean, you wouldn't know what to do with an object that you don't even know what it is right?

If you came here looking for the Blue Hut Escape walkthrough by G4K please help yourself to the full gameplay video below.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Secret High School Vampire Love Story Gameplay Review

Secret High School Vampire Love Story is a new mobile game developed by Beauty Salon games targeted at young audience. It's basically a dress up game with a little story.
Secret High School Vampire Love Story.

It tells the story and romance between two teenagers who both have dark secrets. Bella Olsen, after surviving a horrible accident somehow became a vampire. She kept it a secret until a guy named Zac from school approached her and asked her out on a date.

Bella is resolved to keeping her true self a secret for fear that Zac would not like her if he'd known that she is in fact a vampire. The twist is that Zac also has a dark secret - him being a werewolf.

As for the gameplay, it's pretty generic dress up game. Controls are smooth and responsive enough. The voice acting is its strongest point. It's actually good for a dress up game. Here's the Secret High School Vampire Love Story Gameplay walkthrough if you want to see how the game is played.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nobodies Android / iPhone Walkthrough

Nobodies is a point and click or rather a tap and touch type of puzzle game developed by Blyts for Android and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod Touch. It falls under the brain and puzzle category and has been getting a lot of praise from those who have tried it.
Nobodies walkthrough.

It's been a while since I played an escape game this good and oh I didn't know how much I miss it until I played this game and finished all levels in one sitting. It took quite some time to complete all levels because the puzzle aspect of it is clearly well thought out and it is as if it was designed by a detective.

Anyway, I know you are here in search of guide because you are stuck at some point in the game. Well, you are in luck because not only I have successfully beaten it but I have also recorded my gameplay. But here's a written guide first:

Level 1: Laboratory

1. Tap on the lab coat to obtain it.
2. Collect the pipette on the desk. It's near the test tubes.
3. Open the cabinet and use the pipette on the blue bottle on the right.
4. Use the pipette on mice.
5. Get back to the cabinet and refill the pipette with the same medicine (scopolamine).
6. Tap on the door to go to the next room but be sure you are not carrying the body of the scientist.
7. Use the pipette on the coffee machine then collect the lead pipe beside the right door.
8. Go back to the lab then go back to the next room with the guard. He is now asleep.
9. Collect the key card on the floor and use to open the red door.
10. Use the lead pipe on the valve to turn it. Tap on the valve to drain water from the aquarium.
11. Open the aquarium door and put the body of the scientist in there.
12. Close the aquarium and turn the valve to fill it with water.
13. Tap on the feed system timer beside the round viewing window. Adjust it until it says "the feeding system is set to minimum frequency".
14.Go back to the lab and tap on the aquarium. You are done. Just put everything back to its place then you are good to go.

Here's the rest of the Nobodies walkthrough guide demonstrating how to complete the rest of the levels including Hotel, House and Airport/Cabin.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trollface Quest TV Shows walkthrough

Trollface Quest TV Shows is another point and click or tap and swipe brain teaser puzzle game from Spil Games. It's a game that puts humor at popular television shows' famous scenes.
Trollface Quest TV Shows walkthrough.

The goal is simple, complete the given scenario keeping in mind that you have to do it the troll way. If you have played other Trollface games in the past then you know the gist already. Anyway, if ever you got stuck at some point and you have already exhausted your hints, here's a complete Trollface Quest TV Shows walkthrough (TQTVSW) demonstrating all levels' solution.

Nowhere Lost Memories app walkthrough

Nowhere Lost Memories is a new first person mystery adventure game developed by Miguel Angel Alosete for iOS devices and hopefully soon for Android as well. It's quite and immersive game for a mobile game with it's 3D graphics.
Nowhere Lost Memories app walkthrough

This app lets you delve into a strange place where you have to explore each area if you are to complete it. There are puzzles to solve utilizing the in-game objects at hand. But beware, exploring strange places can give you the creeps because, well, according to the backstory of the game you are not the only one who has been there. There is 'something dark' hidden in there. So enjoy.

Anyway, if you came here searching for a guide or a cheat of some sort because you are stuck in the game like many us, here's a playlist I've compiled that would pass for a Nowhere Lost Memories app walkthrough which I intend to update as soon as full game playthrough gameplay is found.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Most Fun and Educational Apps For Kids Collection

Here I list some of the best apps and game for kids that are both fun and educational. Being a parent of young kids myself I am always on the lookout for new kid-friendly apps since my kids learned that tablets and smartphones are a source of unlimited fun.

I have tested all the apps and games in this list and I intend to update every time I try new ones in the future.

Little Panda Green Guard

Developed by BabyBus, cute little game teaches the player to care for the environment. Play the role of a cute panda in a robot Panda suit equipped with tools and gadgets for cleaning the city.

Little Panda Green Guard app

Peppa Pig Paintbox

Everybody knows Peppa Pig and her brother George. Kids love them and with this app you can stimulate your kids' creativity with colors and paintbrush. This game is best when played on a tablet. It's available for free on both Android and iOS.

Peppa Pig Paintbox app

My Healthy Baby Panda

Another app featuring a cute little panda this time to teach your young ones proper personal hygiene. Perfect for your little ones' potty training.

Healthy Little Baby Panda app for kids

Dinosaur World

Every kid at one point will be fascinated with dinosaurs. This app teaches the names of the terrible lizards that once roamed the earth and sailed the skies. With cartoonish graphics and the help of good voice overs this app will surely keep your kid interested in pre-historic era.
Dinosaur World App

Princess Gloriosa Horse Club 2

Children loves horses and unicorns. This app is all about those pristine and magical creatures. It's a pretend play in which the player grooms and takes care of different horses and unicorns.
Princess Gloria Horse club 2 app

This page is updated every time I discover new fun and educational apps for kids so be sure to come back often or you can subscribe to the ever growing kid friendly video playlist below: