Friday, August 23, 2019

New Mobile Legends Hero Ling Item Build and Gameplay Guide

Ling is another new Mobile Legends hero that just got released to the game's advance server for initial testing. It's an assassin type character that deals physical damage.

He has this unique ability to use the 'lightness skill' which enables him to leap walls in the battlefield giving him a great deal of advantage against other heroes.

Mobile Legends Ling Item Build.

Skills Description:

  • Passive: Cloud Walker: Ling's superb lightness skill helps him leap from wall to wall. He needs to consume relative Lightness Points to cast his lightness skill. When resting on the wall, Ling restores 2 Lightness Points per second and 5 points when he deals damage.

  • Finch Poise: Ling casts his Qinggong (Lightness Skill), leaping to the wall. He can jump from wall to wall without cool down until he gets down to the ground.

  • Defiant Charge: He charges in the designated direction and stabs the nearest enemy dealing 70(+100% physical atk damage). If Ling casts this skill from the wall, he will dash to a designated spot dealing 70(+100% physical atk damage). If it lands a critical hit, it will slow the enemies in the area by 30% for 1 second.

  • Ling's Ulti, Tempest Blades: He casts his swords into the air for 2.5 seconds during which he becomes invincible and can move freely while mid air then land to the ground dealing 250(+200% physical damage to surrounding enemies and knocking the enemy in the middle up into the air for 1 second. A Sword Field will be generated around Ling which he use to instantly reset the cool down of his second skill when he touches a sword in the field which also grants him 5 Lightness Points each.

This new hero is meant to be an assassin so the fitting item build for him is attack damage.

ML Ling

Ling Item Build Guide:

  1. Haas' Claws: For physical lifesteal. This is one of his core items.
  2. Magic Shoes: For reducing skill cool down time.
  3. Blade of Despair: For greatly increasing the attack damage.
  4. Berserker's Fury: For increasing the chance of dealing critical damage.
  5. Queen's Wings: For damage reduction and increasing of physical lifesteal capabilities.
  6. Endless Damage: For added movement speed, cool down time reduction and burst damage when using basic attacks after casting a skill.

Mobile Legends Ling

Currently, this hero is still under testing and has some bugs with his skills not working properly but he can still sit on the top of the meta list easily with his mobility and incredible damage output.

This new Mobile Legends Hero Ling item build and gameplay guide will be updated when the game patches with new updates so stay tuned.