Monday, August 12, 2019

X.Borg Damage Build walkthrough

X.Borg's damage build strategy is probably one you should learn if you are new to using this new hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It will help you win more matches which will ultimately improve your rankings and your overall battle performance.

X.Borg Damage Build walkthrough.

I have been using X.Borg for quite some time now and what I've learned is that this hero has a huge base damage on his ultimate (last) skill. Moreover, he has incredibly low cool down time on all his skills. So what I am gonna do now is tell you the items and the reasoning behind each of them.

Hunter's Knife. This is just a micro item that you will have to ditch later in the game but you need this early in the match to gain more exp when farming jungle monsters. This also allows you to deal 20% more damage to monsters which means you can farm faster and earn gold faster.

Warrior Boots. Since this hero is a melee most of the time, it is only wise to equip him with some defense so he can fight toe to toe with opponents.

Blood Lust Axe. This is a core item for XBorg. This item grants its user a spell vamp. It means that every time you hit enemies or minions with your skills you regenerate HP. With X.Borg's first skill's incredibly low cool down, this item is perfect for him.

Blade of Despair. This where the high damage starts. It will not only increase your damage output, it will also increase the amount of HP you get every time you hit an enemy because of the effect of your Blood Lust Axe's spell vamp. BOD's unique passive ability also gives you 25% additional physical damage when you hit enemies with HP that is below 50%.

Blade of Despair. Yup! You read it right. Another BOD for even higher damage output. With 2 of this item few can only escape and survive your ultimate skill.

Endless Battle. This item adds damage and decreases the cool down time of skills by 10%. But the main reason why you should equip this is its unique passive abilities: Divine Justice. This will allow you deal double damage when you hit enemies with basic attacks right after you cast a skill - perfect for finishing off survivors from your ultimate skill.

Queen's Wings. This defense item is perfect for this super happy cyborg due to the fact that his Firaga Armor often come off leaving his HP down to 50%. This is where Queens's Wings will come into play. Every time your HP goes down to less than 40% you will get a damage reduction of 50%. That means when an enemy hits you the damage they will give is sliced in half.

That's it. This item build is what I currently use and I also think that this is the best so far that I tried. By the way, this X.Borg damage build walkthrough is inspired by Vicipwn's tutorial on YT (pictured above is his build), which you can watch below.