Monday, October 29, 2012

City Siege 4 walkthrough | Let's Play City Siege 4

City Siege 4: Alien Siege is the latest platformer side scroller shooter game from thepodge. It is the fourth installment of the City Siege franchise and also the first to be set on another world. You now have advanced units and laser guns at your disposal, the type of arsenal you will need to take on the evil plants that shoots nasty projectiles and spawn crazy creatures.

It's okay to wipe them out because they have some of our men captive and of course they have shinny gems for us to loot.
City Siege 4 walkthrough.

What I noticed in this installment is that it has less lag now, it barely has. The previous once have some major lagging going on specially when the screen is field of falling debris.

Anyway, this game is quite more impressive than its predecessors mainly because of the lasers and the faster pace of the gameplay and acquisition of powerful units. Plus you don't get charge for firing so much bullets. Meanwhile, here are some footage of my gameplay of this game, call it City Siege 4 walkthrough if you will or whatever.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Haunted Halloween Walkthrough

Haunted Halloween is a new point and click physics based puzzle game with clever levels. Your objective in this is to get the headless horseman's head back to its body.
It's really unfortunate that the head is often really far from the body and most of the time hindered by different obstacles. This is where your puzzle solving skills will be put to good use.

The game features great physics and neat graphics. As per the difficulty, some levels present cleverly designed puzzles and as you progress you will encounter more elements and objects to use which is good to minimize being repetitive.

If you got stuck at some point of it, you can find the solution in this Haunted Halloween walkthrough demonstrating full gameplay.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

They Took Our Candy Walkthrough

They Took Our Candy is another Halloween themed game from level1 Wizard. It's about a group of kids whose mission is take back sweets stolen by invading aliens. Dress up in their costume as ninja, superhero, fairy, ghost, pirate, knight and even a cat, they will have to team up and fight side by side combining their different abilities.

This game is playe using arrow keys for moving your team around the screen and spacebar for special powers. Attacks are automatic. I played this game earlier, and because it took a good chunk of my time playing it and restarting over again because I got owned a lot, I was compelled to write down some tips and tricks that I used to excel in this game.

They Took Our Candy Walkthrough.The first question you probably had was 'what is the best combination of characters to come up with the best team?'. Well fudge, I go for the team that has more attack power thinking that the best defense is offense. That said, my favorite is the four ninja team. That way, your aiming will be much easier because their ninja stars shoots spread. Not many enemies will survive in front of your group.

When alien shooters come, take them out immediately. You will get yourself in trouble when you let them get near you. When upgrading, make your attack speed as your top priority. At first try using the four ninja team, you will have an edge to get to level 9 and above easily. It is not likely that you will finish all 13 waves on your first try, though. That is because you don't have additional stats yet and those additional stats are given to you when you retry in the form of rank. As you gain ranks and unlock new characters, you can then experiment with other combinations of characters. Meanwhile, here is part of my gameplay video where I implemented the techniques mentioned in my They Took Our Candy walkthrough above.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Poptropica Super Villain Island Walkthrough

Super Villain Island is another addition to the Poptropica universe. The most infamous villains of Poptropica floats in suspended animation deep inside a very top secret prison. I really don't know why, but your mission here is to infiltrate their minds and find out what are the sources of their evilness. And oh, there are four of them. You should be okay and out in a bit, that is if you can withstand a journey to the heart of darkness and not trap you forever in their twisted dreams.

I played this game but have not opt in for the bonus quest and items which are only available through paid membership in Poptropica's website. I thought it would be just as easy as the couple previous games from them but alas! I got stuck a lot in this one. Particularly in Zuses dream and Black Widow's dream.

Poptropica Super Villain Island Walkthrough.I also had trouble finding items specially the sprayer bottle which is a handheld item that can be found on Dr. Hare's dream. It's good that I have come across the tubes where they show this Poptropica Super Villain Island walkthrough demonstrating full gameplay and it helped me beat it. Only watch it if you are really extra sure that you are stuck in the game.

Demon Destroyer Walkthrough

Demon Destroyer is a physics based point and click puzzle game from bored. It's a Blosics inspired flash game for the coming Halloween. Your goal is to knock off demon blocks while keeping angel blocks safe. Use live projectiles with different characteristics that you think is best for each level. Sometimes you just have to think a little bit out of the box in order to reach the goal in each level while collecting stars that is needed to unlock secret bonus levels.

Demon Destroyer Walkthrough.While it posses the gameplay that made Blosics a popular game, Demon Destroyer has way too many easy levels. Some of them are really easy but there are also those really well thought out levels that can make you scratch your head. There are 34 stages in this game including 8 bonuses. Graphics, physics and sounds are all cool and splendid. A really fun game to play on your spare time. Meanwhile, here is Demon Destroyer Walkthrough showing spoilers techniques in beating the game.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes Walkthrough

Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes is a point and click puzzle game from Daedalic. It's about a shy schol girl named Lilli who was having a tough time at the convent school run by a strict grumpy Mother Superior. She was always ask to do tasks by this Mother Superior but even if she has always been obedient, she still end up disappointing Mother Superior.

Only her imagination helps her to escape from strict rules of this grumpy old lady. It was when her best friend Edna disappears under mysterious circumstances that Lilli rose above her own and embark on a tough journey to not only get her friend back but also confront her fears.

Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes Walkthrough.While this game is all charming from its soundtrack, graphics, gameplay, humor and animation, it is unfortunately not free. You can play the demo version which only caters to the chapter one of the game, though. You can play the demo on newgrounds and other flash portals but it would only make you want to buy the full game and will probably have you dole out some money because of its charm.

Meanwhile, since this types of games tend to be progressively challenging, one can easily get stuck at some point of it. Fortunately, we have the internet and it's more often than not that you will find guides, spoilers and even full Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes walkthrough like the one compiled below.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Flightless Walkthrough Plus Ending

Flightless is another platformer adventure game from nitrome. Like the title say, you have no capability of flight, you cannot leap, jump or hop. You might think that it would not be much of a fun for a platformer adventure that has no jumping involve, but you are wrong. You have ladders in this game, you can spawn one ladder anytime you wish but only one at a time. You can use it to reach heights or go down places and you can even use to smash enemies and trigger switches.

What's even cooler than bringing a twist to a platformer adventure is that this game can be played by two. Yes, a two player mode to make collecting gems more easier or complicated. Either way, it's fun like any other nitrome games in the past.

Flightless walkthrough.One tip I could give you is if a gem looks impossible to reach by your character, use your ladder to hit it. Always remember that your ladder can collect gems, too. Meanwhile, here is Flightless walkthrough showing all gems collected and also the game's ending.

Siegius Arena Walkthrough

Siegius Arena is a hack and slash brawler game from notdoppler in which the player takes the role of a centurion. You were sentenced to death in the arena, they sentenced you wrong for you will do everything to rise up the ranks and beat all the other gladiators in the arena.

Slashing and casting spells on your opponents is your only chance to survive. And also the bullet time minus, the guns of course. You get to use this ability if you excite the crowd quite enough.

Siegius Arena Walkthrough.I played this game earlier and it's fun, the type of fun that your keyboard may break but not because of rage, but because of furious attacking. This game is almost perfect, I love the art style, the animation, musical scoring and all but one thing that frustrates me a little is that when you attack you inch forward a little that often leaves you prone from enemy counter attacks. Apart from that, I love everything about it. Anyway, here is Siegius Arena walkthrough compiled into a playlist.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hexep Walkthrough

Hexep is another new point and click puzzle game from bartbonte. The objective in this game is to light up all white hexagons starting from a specific point by hovering the mouse along the path. The catch is, you can only go in a direction once unless there are special hexagons that can be hovered multiple times. In most levels, there are hexes that needs to be touched in chronological order. For example, you can light up 2 without lighting up 1 first.

One direction sliding puzzles like this are not new but this one is semi unique (at least to me) because of the use of the six sided shape that really compliments the genre. I mean, I have seen games like this that only uses squares that only gives four directions or path to base your moves from, but in this one, I have six.
Hexep walkthrough.
It may seem like a small change but it really impacts the way your calculate your moves breaking the routine that is common in this types of puzzles.

Overall, Hexep is a simple, straight to the point challenging and entertaining. Meanwhile, here is Hexep walkthrough showing solutions for all of its levels.

Spell Storm walkthrough: final boss beaten.

Spell Storm is another new top down fantasy shooter game from bulletproof. No, this game does not involve guns but it involves a lot of ice spells including but not limited to, hale storm, meteor shower summoning and frog spells that magically turns enemies into exp points giving frogs.

You probably know by now that this game is about a lone wizard who is tasked by his masters to defeat all the evil chaos reaper residing in a traps riddled dark fortress that hosts vile creatures.
Spell Storm walkthrough.

While the graphics and visual effects of this game is superb, it is too short. It's really fun but it's short. But that doesn't mean that it's easy. The normal mode is easy but it is just warming you up for the hell mode that you will unlock if you beat normal mode. Anyways, here is my recorded gameplay of this game, a Spell Storm walkthrough if you will.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jacko In Hell 2 cheats

Jacko In Hell 2 is another Halloween themed game from pyrozen. Pumpkin man Jacko need to summon the great spirit of Halloween but to do that, he must go through many new challenges and even more dangerous than last year. This is by far his greatest and darkest mission. Avoid vile creatures, deadly spikes and traps in this dark platformer adventure game.

You know Halloween is around the corner when you see dark themed games like this one. Gamesfree's creations never fail to amaze me specially when it comes to their platformers where animation and environment works together really well. The only downside is you have to play it on high performing computer for you to enjoy it in maximum settings. Otherwise, you will experience a lot of lags that will probably put you off.
Jacko In Hell 2 cheats.
Anyways, I listed here a couple of cheat codes that works in the game:

 During the game, type in MONEY to get souls.
Type in BOSS to get to the final boss.

I also put up a video of me demonstrating Jacko In Hell 2 cheats just so you have an idea where to put them and how they work.

Jacksmith Gameplay walkthrough

Jacksmith is another point and click resource management simulation game from flipline studios. This time, you are a donkey, but not just any donkey. You are the kind that forge and craft metals into epic weapons. Here's what happened, there was a king and queen who rule the land and their beautiful daughter princess has been kidnapped by some evil wizard. The king will give rewards to any brave soul that will be able to rescue his daughter.

Your goal is to craft the best weapons that your warriors will use. Their success depends on you so don't you give them inefficient gears. We have seen games like this but they mostly cater food serving. Having that said, I think this metal forging blacksmith donkey game is something new, at least to me.

Jacksmith walkthrough.Precision, presence of mind and focus are the key to crafting the best items in this game. The faster you finish all the orders the more gems you will earn which you can use to purchase more efficient parts that will suit your next battle. I think the author of this game knows that you want to see the weapons you make being used in action so after every forging you will get to see the battle and you can even help by hurling cannon balls.

Meanwhile, here is Jacksmith walkthrough and I also included part of my own gameplay that I recorded earlier. I will try to upload the rest of it when I find time.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Death vs Monstars 2 walkthrough (All Bosses Beaten)

Death vs Monstars 2 is a bullet-hell action game from gamereclaim. This game is the sequel to the 2009 hit Death vs Monstars now with even more mayhem and shooting frenzy. Your goal here is to be the last one standing from all the enemy monster that shoots different kind of projectiles at you. Survive swarm after swarm of attacks by dodging or by overpowering them using the upgrades that you will have to earn.

This game is played using the mouse and some several keys in the keyboard for unleashing uberpower abilities like death-rays and shock-waves. While the characters in this game may look very simple and plain, you will forget about them because of the colorful projectile spectacle that happens all around the whole time. As per the difficulty, one wrong move and you can get yourself into shameful ownage. What I mean is you can't play this with an itchy nose. If you take one of your hands away from the controls even for a sec, you will be most likely owned.

Death vs Monstars 2 All Bosses.So far, there is only one rage provoking issue I noticed here and that is when you get close to the sides of the screen, you can get stuck in there for some milliseconds - enough time for the swarm to hit you. Other than that, this is definitely one of my favorite this week.

Meanwhile, here is Death vs Monstars 2 walkthrough showing all bosses in this game are indeed posible to beat.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little Life walkthrough

Little Life is another new platformer puzzle from Prasan Games. The player's objective is to guide our cute little hero through levels riddle with obstacles all in a quest to eat diamonds that is apparently, the key to spectacular growth. He must eat all the diamonds in each level to unlock the green door which leads to the next and even more challenging level where you will find more growth enhancing diamonds.

This game features 30 levels  filled with treasures to collect but the ultimate solution to your small problem can only be found once you cleared all of the levels.

Little Life walkthrough.While this game has cuteness in it, it also has some moderate to fairly difficult levels that at times can trigger the rage mode in you. One other thing that is worth a mention is the musical scoring, it kinda tears your heart and soul pushing you to keep going until you reach your goal. Meanwhile, here is Little Life walkthrough demonstrating how to beat all levels in the game.

Diamond Penthouse Escape walkthrough (1 and 2)

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 is a point and click puzzle game for the iphone and ipad from Teralumina. It is basically the sequel to the original DPE room escape game. In this game, you just escape the previous diamond penthouse through a secret exit only to find yourself trapped again in another room.  There is no other way but to move forward and go through another painstaking puzzle solving. Your only consolation here is that there are more precious diamonds around.

As you progress, you will find various items that you can use to solve puzzles that will lead you to another and hopefully to the exit. If you are not familiar, room escape games like this one is everywhere since the invention of flash portals and it is just a few years since this genre invaded the app stores with its challenging nature but there seems to be a shortage of escape games with good story and ending these days.
Diamond Penthouse Escape walkthrough.
There are some of those types out there but DPE series is not one of them, I think. But then again, I could be wrong, considering I only play these games because of the challenge it has to offer. With or without a good story line, the puzzles are awesome.

Meanwhile, here are Diamond Penthouse Escape walkthrough for episode 1 and 2 demonstrating gameplay completion from start to finish.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pocket Creatures PVP Emperors Tomb walkthrough

Pocket Creatures PVP is a point and click action adventure game from ntfusion. It's basically a shoot off version of the original game where player vs player is now introduced. There's still the story proper of the game in which you have to conquer all 6 areas consist of 4 stages each.

Build the strongest party of 5 creatures and be the best. You can challenge other players from around the world on PVP mode but only after you unlock the Emperors Tomb area.

Pocket Creatures PVP walkthrough.
The first four areas are relatively easy to beat so I don't think you will need a guide of some sort to complete them. Any set of second evolution monsters will beat the heck out of those first 4 areas. I am now currently working on Moon Castle area and so far I have only beaten 2 stages in it.

As I said, I have not finished playing this game yet but here is the first part of my Pocket Creatures PVP walkthrough demonstrating one way to beat the Emperors Tomb. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Deep Sleep walkthrough

Deep Sleep is a horror themed game from scriptwelder in which players get the chance to be creeped out by nightmare creatures in pixel graphics. I played this game earlier and I am so happy that I decided not to play at night. Its a point and click room escape type where you mouse everything around, finding ways to progress to the ending. Your goal is to wake from the dream but it is not easy when it's scary.

Anyway, here's my written guide for this game showing how I beat the game.

You just woke up.
1. Get the key from the green vase.
2. Go right and use the key on the locker drawer.
3. Get the Cube with a keyhole, a blue object.
4. Go back to the bedroom where a skeleton is lying. Get his arm, a human bone.
5. Go downstairs and enter the hallway down to the basement. Pick up  a pice of old cloth from the bucket.
6. Go back up once and go the room on the right where there is a leaking water from pipe. Use piece of old cloth on water on the floor.
7. Go down to where the furnace is. Use human bone on the object on the right and switch it to turn the flames off.
Deep Sleep walkthrough screenshot
8. Click on furnace to inspect it. Use the soaking wet piece of old cloth on the handle to turn the furnace door open.
9. Go inside the furnace and pick up the key. Go further in and scrub the ashes to reveal a 4 digit number. Take note of it.
10. Go back upstairs straight to the balcony. Go to the right area in there where you will find a small room with a desk and a phone ringing.
11. Pick up the phone to be creeped a little. Get the flashlight in the desk and use the key that you just got from the furnace on the desk's topmost drawer to get batteries.
12. Combine the batteries to flashlight. Go back to hallway and notice that the door is now open. Go in there and use the flashlight on the pitch black darkness to be creeped once more.
13. Go forward then left. Go forward and follow the light until you get outside. Go down the lower window. Click on the panel on the right.
14. Enter the 4 digit number code from the furnace. Open the door by clicking on the handle a bunch of times until the door is completely open.
15. Use your flashlight and go forward until you see a closed door and a pic axe hanging on the wall. Get the pick axe. The opens and a creepy creature appears. Run back.
16. Close the door by clicking furiously on that lever next to the code panel.
17. Leave the room through the window. Go down the staircase and notice something is hanging from the end of the stairs. Pick it up, its a hook. Go back upstairs and find the blocked passage on the right -- a wall that has many cracks on it.
18. Use the pickaxe on the wall 3 times until you make a big hole. Go through it. Pick up the net on the sand. Combine hook and net. Go back to the dark corridor until you get to the three windows view. Use the hook and net on the upper left window. You can now enter it.
19. Pick the key hanging from the wall and use it on the cube with a keyhole. You now have a shiny blue gem.
20. Go back to the beach through the wall hole and go the lighthouse. Enter it and climb up the stairs until you reach the top. Put the shiny blue gem on the light source.
21. Go downstairs out the lighthouse to meet the creepy creatures. As quick as you can, climb back up the lighthouse to the top and quickly use levers to position the light in the middle, pointing its light to the stair way.

That's it guys! Our Deep Sleep walkthrough ends here and I hope it could help those who are genuinely stuck in the game.

Monday, October 1, 2012

40x Escape walkthrough

40x Escape is a clever point and click puzzle game from Bart Bonte. This is a room escape type of game in which the player's objective is to find a way to get out of the same door forty times.

Anyway, I have written down a guide revealing all the solution to all levels.

1. Push the button on the right of the door until the word ESCAPE is all light up.
2. Click all the letters above the door until they all turn green.
3. Click the numbers in this order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
4. Click the buttons on the right alternately starting with the left button until the word above the door turns green.
5. Press the letters on the right in the order that it will spell the word: 'five'.
40x Escape walkthrough.6. When the circle on the right turns green, press all the letters above the door.
7. This is easy. Just make the colors of the ESCAPE green.
8. Make the for piece puzzle on the right form number '8'.
9. Don't move your mouse. Just wait.
10. Spell out the word 'PEACE' from 'ESCAPE' above the door.
11. Spell out the word 'eleven' by pressing the buttons on the right accordingly.
12. Press 'E' then press right button. Press the next letter and press right button again. Repeat.
13. Key in '453' on the right panel as suggested by the number of sides of each shape pictured.
14. Click on the door three times.
15. Click 'S then click 'P'.
16. Key in the word 'ESCAPE' on the right panel.
17. Make the word above the door yellow.
18. Press and hold down the button.
19. There are 7 buttons on the right. Press in this exact order: 1, 7, 2, 7, 3, 7, 4, 7, 5, 7, 6, 7.
20. Spell out 'twenty' in the panel on the right.
21. Move your mouse left and right until all the letters turns green.
22. click the panel on the right to form number '22'.
23. click first E. Click S, Click P then click last E.
24. Click the buttons in this exact order: up, right, left, up, right, left, down.
25. On the panel to the right, key in 195 as hinted by the scramble letters below it.
26. Click on the letters above the door spelling out 'SEEPAC'.
27. Click on the fourth button to the right 4 times.
28. Press and hold the square button on the right until the circle light up green then click on the letters above the door.
29. Simply key in 040 in the right panel.
30. This can be tricky at first. Click left button once, then click right button. Click left twice, right once. Click left 3 times, right once. Click left 4x then right once. Left 5x, right once. Left 6x, right once.
31. Click buttons in this order: right, left, up, left, left.
32. In the right panel, key in 427 as hinted by the scrambled letters again.
33. Click 'C', Click 'A'.
34. There are 3 buttons. Ignore the middle one. Click on the left button to highlight a letter then move the highlight to the last letter using the right button. Do this until all letters are green.
35. You have to press the first letter of each number (1 to 10). For example, one = O, two = t, three = t and so on.
36. Click on the door four times starting from the bottom part going upwards.
37. click on each letter with the number of their position in the word. For example, press E once because he is first, press S twice because he is 2nd, C three times because he is third and so on.
38. Use the panel on the right to spell out the word 'ESCAPE'.
39. The starting point of the highlight is on letter A. Press middle button to highlight letter A, press right or left button to move the highlight accordingly.
40. Use the panel on the wall to spell out 40xescape.

And there we have it folks! Our 40x Escape walkthrough brought to you by yours trully, Vifer the zombie who sometimes solves puzzle games too.