Monday, October 22, 2012

Poptropica Super Villain Island Walkthrough

Super Villain Island is another addition to the Poptropica universe. The most infamous villains of Poptropica floats in suspended animation deep inside a very top secret prison. I really don't know why, but your mission here is to infiltrate their minds and find out what are the sources of their evilness. And oh, there are four of them. You should be okay and out in a bit, that is if you can withstand a journey to the heart of darkness and not trap you forever in their twisted dreams.

I played this game but have not opt in for the bonus quest and items which are only available through paid membership in Poptropica's website. I thought it would be just as easy as the couple previous games from them but alas! I got stuck a lot in this one. Particularly in Zuses dream and Black Widow's dream.

Poptropica Super Villain Island Walkthrough.I also had trouble finding items specially the sprayer bottle which is a handheld item that can be found on Dr. Hare's dream. It's good that I have come across the tubes where they show this Poptropica Super Villain Island walkthrough demonstrating full gameplay and it helped me beat it. Only watch it if you are really extra sure that you are stuck in the game.

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