Monday, October 1, 2012

40x Escape walkthrough

40x Escape is a clever point and click puzzle game from Bart Bonte. This is a room escape type of game in which the player's objective is to find a way to get out of the same door forty times.

Anyway, I have written down a guide revealing all the solution to all levels.

1. Push the button on the right of the door until the word ESCAPE is all light up.
2. Click all the letters above the door until they all turn green.
3. Click the numbers in this order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
4. Click the buttons on the right alternately starting with the left button until the word above the door turns green.
5. Press the letters on the right in the order that it will spell the word: 'five'.
40x Escape walkthrough.6. When the circle on the right turns green, press all the letters above the door.
7. This is easy. Just make the colors of the ESCAPE green.
8. Make the for piece puzzle on the right form number '8'.
9. Don't move your mouse. Just wait.
10. Spell out the word 'PEACE' from 'ESCAPE' above the door.
11. Spell out the word 'eleven' by pressing the buttons on the right accordingly.
12. Press 'E' then press right button. Press the next letter and press right button again. Repeat.
13. Key in '453' on the right panel as suggested by the number of sides of each shape pictured.
14. Click on the door three times.
15. Click 'S then click 'P'.
16. Key in the word 'ESCAPE' on the right panel.
17. Make the word above the door yellow.
18. Press and hold down the button.
19. There are 7 buttons on the right. Press in this exact order: 1, 7, 2, 7, 3, 7, 4, 7, 5, 7, 6, 7.
20. Spell out 'twenty' in the panel on the right.
21. Move your mouse left and right until all the letters turns green.
22. click the panel on the right to form number '22'.
23. click first E. Click S, Click P then click last E.
24. Click the buttons in this exact order: up, right, left, up, right, left, down.
25. On the panel to the right, key in 195 as hinted by the scramble letters below it.
26. Click on the letters above the door spelling out 'SEEPAC'.
27. Click on the fourth button to the right 4 times.
28. Press and hold the square button on the right until the circle light up green then click on the letters above the door.
29. Simply key in 040 in the right panel.
30. This can be tricky at first. Click left button once, then click right button. Click left twice, right once. Click left 3 times, right once. Click left 4x then right once. Left 5x, right once. Left 6x, right once.
31. Click buttons in this order: right, left, up, left, left.
32. In the right panel, key in 427 as hinted by the scrambled letters again.
33. Click 'C', Click 'A'.
34. There are 3 buttons. Ignore the middle one. Click on the left button to highlight a letter then move the highlight to the last letter using the right button. Do this until all letters are green.
35. You have to press the first letter of each number (1 to 10). For example, one = O, two = t, three = t and so on.
36. Click on the door four times starting from the bottom part going upwards.
37. click on each letter with the number of their position in the word. For example, press E once because he is first, press S twice because he is 2nd, C three times because he is third and so on.
38. Use the panel on the right to spell out the word 'ESCAPE'.
39. The starting point of the highlight is on letter A. Press middle button to highlight letter A, press right or left button to move the highlight accordingly.
40. Use the panel on the wall to spell out 40xescape.

And there we have it folks! Our 40x Escape walkthrough brought to you by yours trully, Vifer the zombie who sometimes solves puzzle games too.


  1. thank you a lot there were hard to do
    I'm finally finished thanks to you - Maria