Monday, October 22, 2012

Demon Destroyer Walkthrough

Demon Destroyer is a physics based point and click puzzle game from bored. It's a Blosics inspired flash game for the coming Halloween. Your goal is to knock off demon blocks while keeping angel blocks safe. Use live projectiles with different characteristics that you think is best for each level. Sometimes you just have to think a little bit out of the box in order to reach the goal in each level while collecting stars that is needed to unlock secret bonus levels.

Demon Destroyer Walkthrough.While it posses the gameplay that made Blosics a popular game, Demon Destroyer has way too many easy levels. Some of them are really easy but there are also those really well thought out levels that can make you scratch your head. There are 34 stages in this game including 8 bonuses. Graphics, physics and sounds are all cool and splendid. A really fun game to play on your spare time. Meanwhile, here is Demon Destroyer Walkthrough showing spoilers techniques in beating the game.

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