Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jacksmith Gameplay walkthrough

Jacksmith is another point and click resource management simulation game from flipline studios. This time, you are a donkey, but not just any donkey. You are the kind that forge and craft metals into epic weapons. Here's what happened, there was a king and queen who rule the land and their beautiful daughter princess has been kidnapped by some evil wizard. The king will give rewards to any brave soul that will be able to rescue his daughter.

Your goal is to craft the best weapons that your warriors will use. Their success depends on you so don't you give them inefficient gears. We have seen games like this but they mostly cater food serving. Having that said, I think this metal forging blacksmith donkey game is something new, at least to me.

Jacksmith walkthrough.Precision, presence of mind and focus are the key to crafting the best items in this game. The faster you finish all the orders the more gems you will earn which you can use to purchase more efficient parts that will suit your next battle. I think the author of this game knows that you want to see the weapons you make being used in action so after every forging you will get to see the battle and you can even help by hurling cannon balls.

Meanwhile, here is Jacksmith walkthrough and I also included part of my own gameplay that I recorded earlier. I will try to upload the rest of it when I find time.

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