Wednesday, October 24, 2012

They Took Our Candy Walkthrough

They Took Our Candy is another Halloween themed game from level1 Wizard. It's about a group of kids whose mission is take back sweets stolen by invading aliens. Dress up in their costume as ninja, superhero, fairy, ghost, pirate, knight and even a cat, they will have to team up and fight side by side combining their different abilities.

This game is playe using arrow keys for moving your team around the screen and spacebar for special powers. Attacks are automatic. I played this game earlier, and because it took a good chunk of my time playing it and restarting over again because I got owned a lot, I was compelled to write down some tips and tricks that I used to excel in this game.

They Took Our Candy Walkthrough.The first question you probably had was 'what is the best combination of characters to come up with the best team?'. Well fudge, I go for the team that has more attack power thinking that the best defense is offense. That said, my favorite is the four ninja team. That way, your aiming will be much easier because their ninja stars shoots spread. Not many enemies will survive in front of your group.

When alien shooters come, take them out immediately. You will get yourself in trouble when you let them get near you. When upgrading, make your attack speed as your top priority. At first try using the four ninja team, you will have an edge to get to level 9 and above easily. It is not likely that you will finish all 13 waves on your first try, though. That is because you don't have additional stats yet and those additional stats are given to you when you retry in the form of rank. As you gain ranks and unlock new characters, you can then experiment with other combinations of characters. Meanwhile, here is part of my gameplay video where I implemented the techniques mentioned in my They Took Our Candy walkthrough above.

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