Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hexep Walkthrough

Hexep is another new point and click puzzle game from bartbonte. The objective in this game is to light up all white hexagons starting from a specific point by hovering the mouse along the path. The catch is, you can only go in a direction once unless there are special hexagons that can be hovered multiple times. In most levels, there are hexes that needs to be touched in chronological order. For example, you can light up 2 without lighting up 1 first.

One direction sliding puzzles like this are not new but this one is semi unique (at least to me) because of the use of the six sided shape that really compliments the genre. I mean, I have seen games like this that only uses squares that only gives four directions or path to base your moves from, but in this one, I have six.
Hexep walkthrough.
It may seem like a small change but it really impacts the way your calculate your moves breaking the routine that is common in this types of puzzles.

Overall, Hexep is a simple, straight to the point challenging and entertaining. Meanwhile, here is Hexep walkthrough showing solutions for all of its levels.

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