Friday, October 19, 2012

Flightless Walkthrough Plus Ending

Flightless is another platformer adventure game from nitrome. Like the title say, you have no capability of flight, you cannot leap, jump or hop. You might think that it would not be much of a fun for a platformer adventure that has no jumping involve, but you are wrong. You have ladders in this game, you can spawn one ladder anytime you wish but only one at a time. You can use it to reach heights or go down places and you can even use to smash enemies and trigger switches.

What's even cooler than bringing a twist to a platformer adventure is that this game can be played by two. Yes, a two player mode to make collecting gems more easier or complicated. Either way, it's fun like any other nitrome games in the past.

Flightless walkthrough.One tip I could give you is if a gem looks impossible to reach by your character, use your ladder to hit it. Always remember that your ladder can collect gems, too. Meanwhile, here is Flightless walkthrough showing all gems collected and also the game's ending.

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