Friday, October 19, 2012

Siegius Arena Walkthrough

Siegius Arena is a hack and slash brawler game from notdoppler in which the player takes the role of a centurion. You were sentenced to death in the arena, they sentenced you wrong for you will do everything to rise up the ranks and beat all the other gladiators in the arena.

Slashing and casting spells on your opponents is your only chance to survive. And also the bullet time minus, the guns of course. You get to use this ability if you excite the crowd quite enough.

Siegius Arena Walkthrough.I played this game earlier and it's fun, the type of fun that your keyboard may break but not because of rage, but because of furious attacking. This game is almost perfect, I love the art style, the animation, musical scoring and all but one thing that frustrates me a little is that when you attack you inch forward a little that often leaves you prone from enemy counter attacks. Apart from that, I love everything about it. Anyway, here is Siegius Arena walkthrough compiled into a playlist.

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