Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jacko In Hell 2 cheats

Jacko In Hell 2 is another Halloween themed game from pyrozen. Pumpkin man Jacko need to summon the great spirit of Halloween but to do that, he must go through many new challenges and even more dangerous than last year. This is by far his greatest and darkest mission. Avoid vile creatures, deadly spikes and traps in this dark platformer adventure game.

You know Halloween is around the corner when you see dark themed games like this one. Gamesfree's creations never fail to amaze me specially when it comes to their platformers where animation and environment works together really well. The only downside is you have to play it on high performing computer for you to enjoy it in maximum settings. Otherwise, you will experience a lot of lags that will probably put you off.
Jacko In Hell 2 cheats.
Anyways, I listed here a couple of cheat codes that works in the game:

 During the game, type in MONEY to get souls.
Type in BOSS to get to the final boss.

I also put up a video of me demonstrating Jacko In Hell 2 cheats just so you have an idea where to put them and how they work.

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