Wednesday, November 28, 2012

100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough Android

100 Doors 2013 is yet another puzzle app from Gipnetix Games, a developer known for different never ending puzzle apps for the Android. The game is simple; advance to the next stage by solving progressively challenging puzzles. It currently features 40 levels as the time of this writing. It gets addicting as you solve each of them. The gameplay utilizes all of your devices features. It has different themed floors and realistic graphics. And of course it's free.

Anyways, you are here looking for a guide or cheat because you are stuck at some point of the game. I know and I will help you by providing written walkthroughs or guide that will help you solve all levels in the game. So let's begin, shall we?
100 Doors 2013 walkthrough
Level 1: just press the elevator button.
Level 2: Flip your device upside down until the ball shown in the side of the door hits the button.
Level 3: Press the black ball to pick it up. Go to your inventory, select the ball and place in into the wall on the left.
Level 4: It's time to shake baby! Shake your phone making the balls fall and the one with the key breaks. Get the key and select it from your inventory then finally press the door.
Level 5: Drag the wooden stick to the left then pull the rope down until the door opens.
Level 6: There are number above and below the door. Key the numbers 3355 on the keypad on the left.
Level 7: Tap the key-card to pick it up. Tap the keypad on the left. Go to inventory and select key-card then press it into the slot on the keypad.
Level 8: Get the axe on the wall. In your inventory, select the axe and tap the X. Get the ball inside it and place into the vacant slot just above the door.
Level 9: Tilt your device to left until the left door opens then tilt right to open the other one.
Level 10: Shake your device so that the poles fall down the floor. Roman numerals will appear giving you a number code that reads 15354. Enter that to the keypad.

That's the first ten levels of 100 Doors 2013 walkthrough, the remaining answers for the rest of the levels will be covered in another post.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Icon Pop Quiz Answers

Icon Pop Quiz app is yet another guessing game which will test your familiarity with movies and TV icons. There are over 400 original handcrafted graphics from both movies and TV programs that you must figure out.

You can solve each puzzle differently; you can base you answer on the general knowledge about movie/TV by using the hint button, figure out the right word by using the open letters to reveal correct letters in a word or eliminate keys to remove incorrect ones. If all else fails, you can choose to reveal the correct answer using accumulated points or just ask your friends on FB or Twitter.

But if friends can't help you and the internet is all you've got right now, well, I guess the internet will not let you down this time because I have here your level 1 Icon Pop Quiz Answers up and ready for the taking.

Icon Pop Quiz Answers

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flow Free Bridges 8x8 walkthrough

Levels 8x8 of Flow Free Bridges is just one of the several board sizes in this fun yet challenging puzzle app from Big Duck Games. As you may already know, the game is consist several sizes like 7x7, 8x8 and 9x9 board sizes, but on this page we will only show the solution for the 8x8 levels.

However, here is my previous post with the full Flow Free Bridges guide.

I have seen many solution for this app but I figured it is much easier if I choose a video compiling all of them so that you can choose to only see the solution for a specific level that you are stuck with, to avoid further spoilers.
Flow Free Bridges 8x8 walkthrough
Without further ado, here is Flow Free Bridges 8x8 walkthrough with all 60 levels in it successfully completed.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Arcane Legends Walkthrough

Arcane Legends is another hack and slash action adventure Android app from Spacetime Studios. It gives us mobile gamers the chance to experience a new kind of adventure with our friends from all over the world. Yes, it's an online co-operative game and one helluva a kind.

Arcane Legends walkthroughAside from its delicious graphics and visual effects, it also features unlockable and customizable class abilities, mystical pets that helps you on your journey and of course some thousands of legendary weapons and items to find.

It has three game modes; solo play, co-op and PVP all of which kind of suck the battery of your device really fast. Meanwhile, here is a compilation of Arcane Legends walkthrough showing gameplay where you might find some useful tips and tricks.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

LOOT The Game Walkthrough with Ending

LOOT The Games is another platformer shooter game produced by armorgames. That blue elephant from This is the Only Level now comes to a great train chase action platformer of his life. Chase the train of loots and destroy its car one at a time using weapons and armor loots dropping from the cars. This is the ultimate fight to down to the bitter end but it would be really nice if you will be the one to emerge as victorious.

Loot The Game walkthroughIt features a bunch of loots, when I say a bunch of loots I mean a train load of it. From junk items to rare and very useful loots are in there. You just have to be quick and skilled enough in order to get the good stuff.

The game is simple, fun, addictive but it's not easy. It's one of the most challenging platformer that involves armored elephants out there, in fact. Meanwhile, here is LOOT The Game walkthrough showing full gameplay down to the final boss battle win and the ending.

ClickDEATH Beach walkthrough

ClickDEATH Beach is yet another point and click puzzle game from bored. For those who are not familiar, this is a long running flash game about ruining lives of stickmen and this time the player must cause a chain of accidents on the beach. See how fast you can eliminate all the stickmen having fun and just chilling out on a sunny day by the sea.

Well, since you are here, you have probably given up on the game already. But don't worry, I played this game and managed to beat it. I enumerated the actions I did in the game and I also included a video demonstration.
ClickDEATH Beach walkthrough

1. Click on the sun.
2. Click on the dude at the water. A ray of light will hit the hand mirror and burn the boat sailing on the sea.
3. Click on the dude at the water a bunch of times more until the guy by the umbrella gets up.
4. Now focus on the two stick guys playing soccer. You have to be quick on this step. Click on the ball, click on the foot of the guy on the right as soon as the ball touches his leg. Then click a bunch of times on the back foot of the left guy. Ball will hit his face.
5. As they do a fist fight, they will get by the large rock. Click on it.
6. Click on the hand mirror then click on the stickman next to it.
7. Click the top part of the umbrella. You win.

There, I think I've written it all in those step by step guide. If that didn't do much help, try this ClickDEATH Beach walkthrough I made which shows pretty much what I just stated above.

Escape from the Mall walkthrough

Escape from The Mall is another challenging point and click puzzle game from shatteredgames. In this game, you are left alone with no money locked down inside a mall. But the good news is that you have the entire market for supplies that you will need in order to make your escape. It won't be as easy as window shopping for you will have to decode some locks and solve puzzles along your way.

Escape from The Mall walkthroughThis is played entirely by your mouse; pointing and clicking all around the place to navigate and pick up items that could be of use. Its graphic is good to the level that you can easily distinguish objects. One common difficulty in a lot of room escape games is the poor graphics that makes players confused of objects they find but this one is doing great at the visuals so thumbs up for that. Meanwhile, if you are really stuck at some point of it, this Escape From The Mall walkthrough will surely will help you out a lot but I suggest you only look at the parts where you got stuck to avoid spoiling the game.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Doors and Rooms Android App walkthrough

Doors and Rooms is another tap and play puzzle app from Gameday in which player's objective is to escape from sealed room. There is no back story and just straight forward get the heck out of here type of gameplay. Find a way to open the doors and escape from captivity. It may seem so simple but it can really be addictive and engaging so be sure to be prepared to get occupied when you are planning to download this lovely app.

It's one of those never ending battle of wits against the developers, you keep on solving the levels, the devs will realease new ones. Aside from the clever puzzles it offers, it also features various themed backgrounds and excellent graphic quality that I think was never before seen in the escape game genre for mobile and oh yeah it's free to play.
Doors and Rooms walkthrough
Are you having trouble beating certain levels? Try these tips:

Use common sense.
Think outside the box.
Stay alert and listen carefully. Yes, sounds can help you escape at some levels.
Items you obtained can be examined, dismantled and compounded to get new hints.
Most importantly, do not miss even the slightest detail on your screen. You don't know that even a scrap of tiny paper can be the game changer hint.

If you are still stuck, here is a collection of Doors and Rooms walkthrough showing spoilers and solutions for chapters Rusty Key and Secret Door.

Flow Free Bridges Walkthrough (iphone, ipad, ipod touch app)

Flow Free Bridges is another puzzle app for the iphone, ipad and ipod touch from big duck games. It's basically the classic FlowFree but with a challenging new twist: the bridges. The objective is to connect matching colors with a pipe that will allow to create a flow.

Connect all colors accordingly and cover the entire board. Bridges allows pipes to cross over another pipe allowing more room for even more challenging puzzles than the original game.

Flow Free Bridges walkthroughIt's still free to play through its hundreds of levels. Time trial mode is on where you can race against the clock. Gameplay varies from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic. so far, it has 300 levels across 5 different board sizes, it has bonus level packs and a whole bunch of puzzles for you to solve.

It can be very difficult to beat so take this Flow Free Bridges walkthrough (7x7, 8x8, 9x9) with you just in case you get stuck somewhere in game.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flawed Dimension Walkthrough

Flawed Dimension is a platformer adventure game developed by Black Square. It follows the story of two boys who got lost in the forest and were taken to another dimension by some unknown force. They transformed into a hideous creature in a parallel universe and what's worse is they were fused into one.

Two unknown creature inside one body that has the ability to switch through both characters with different abilities.
Flawed Dimension walkthrough

This game is played using [AWD] for movement and jump while [X] is to use the ability and [K] to switch character. It has a dark, twisted interesting art style and theme. It's music fits the concept of it and gameplay is straight forward platformer with a twist. It has three difficulty modes namely easy, normal and hard. Meanwhile, here is Flawed Dimension walkthrough showing game completion.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home Sheep Home 2 Lost Underground walkthrough

Home Sheep Home 2 Lost Underground is a new platforming adventure puzzle from Aardman. Like the title tells us, this game follow the story of a certain sheep, Shaun, who got lost again and this time he went under the ground. You have to guide, not one, not two but three sheep in into underground tunnels riddled with obstacles that requires teamwork.

You team of is consist of small, medium and large sheep that each has their own characteristics. Move around using ASDW keys while pressing 1, 2, and 3 on your keyboard switches between your characters.

Home Sheep Home 2 Lost Underground walkthrough
Your goal is to get all three of them to the exit at the end of each level in order to advance to the next. Meanwhile, if you are having difficulties beating this game, check this Home Sheep Home 2 Lost Underground walkthrough which shows solutions and spoilers of course so use it at your own risk.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zombies Vs. Penguins 2 Walkthrough

Zombies vs Penguins 2 is an aim and shoot physics based puzzle game from coolbuddy. Your mission in this game is to eliminate the zombies in each stage or if you are playing in zombie modes, get rid of the penguins. Each mode has differs their gameplay from one another.

Play as the penguins and beat all 30 levels to unlock the zombie mode which has another set of 30 unique levels and a different kind of weapon. I played this earlier and I managed to get all 3 stars rating in all levels in the penguin mode.
Zombies Vs. Penguins 2 Walkthrough
 Zombie mode is a little bit harder mainly because I get used to the regular bouncing bullet. Meanwhile, here is a playlist of Zombies vs. Penguins 2 walkthrough including my own gameplay video.

Unfreeze Me Walkthrough

Unfreeze Me is another physics puzzler game that we can all sink our teeth into this weekend. In this game, cute and helpless birds are stuck frozen in ice cubes and as an animal loving person that you are, it's your duty to save them from frost bite.

Use your mouse to shoot water, yes that stuff is just plain water, they only behave in a weird way but the developer of the game assures us that it's just water. Anyway, water is what you need to defrost the ice cube that is trapping the birds. In most levels, you will also need the help of flanks to redirect the liquid from your cannon.

Unfreeze Me walkthroughThis game also has an achievements gallery where you can try to aim for if you want extra challenges. It has twenty well thought out levels including the smooth tutorial levels.

You may also aim for the highest rating for each level if you want perfection, but it is not necessary to beat the game. Meanwhile, here is full Unfreeze Me walkthrough demonstrating all levels in the game beaten.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sift Heads Assault 3 Cheats

Sift Heads Assault 3 is another new flash shooter action from gamesfree. Vinnie is back for yet another action packed survival awesomeness. Survive waves of enemies descending upon you with the aid of your trusty arsenal.

This game, I think is better than any of its predecessor in the series of SHA games. It has smoother graphics and gameplay, it has less lags, it has better sound effects and it has more badass moves than before. It is more challenging too but if the challenge is too much for you to handle, you can use Sift Heads Assault 3 codes that will enable you to play more easily and with extra perks.
Sift Heads Assault 3 cheats

The codes and their corresponding effect:
PPONOP - turn off close combat enemies.
DLOG - gets you some cash (50,000).
AHPLA - Invincibility.
EDOMH - Start with maximum security alert.
DIPAR - Fire at an insane fast rate.
DEDAOL - Unlimited ammo.
PPONOP - turn off close combat enemies.
DRAH - badder enemies.
TAOLF - Lowers the effect of gravity on Vinnie.

That's all of Sift Heads Assault 3 cheats that are also demonstrated in the video below and I hope it will help you have more fun playing.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Incursion Walkthrough

Incursion is a point and click tower defense strategy game from booblyc. Unlike conventional tower defense type, this game uses outposts and defender units to repel incoming enemies, often coming from more than one direction of the map. You have three types of defender; melee, magic and archer. Each one of them can be upgraded to something more powerful depending on your style of defense. You can move them around their outpost but in a limited area only. The enemies are very widely varied and it's a challenge to always know your enemies - what type are they and what are their weaknesses etc., which makes it really engaging.

Incursion WalkthroughThe strategy element of this game is excellent and the gameplay is just plain addicting and entertaining. The effects are wonderful, the music is right and the level difficulty is a tough challenge. Meanwhile, I recorded my gameplay of this game demonstrating how I did with my strategy in order to beat each level. So yeah, here is my Incursion Walkthrough which might give out to you some tactics and tips in placing your defender units in various stages including the 14th and last level.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Badly Drawn Faces Answers iphone, ipad and ipod touch

Badly Drawn Faces is another fun app for the iphone, ipod and ipad developed by Sporcle. It's basically a quiz where the app presents you with famous faces and known celebrities all drawn by Sharpy, a narwhal whose drawing abilities is not that good. All you have to do is guess the name of each face and for every correct answer you enter, you will earn fish. You may recognize some of the faces instantly but others can get a little bit tricky. If you ever need a hint, just feed Sharpy some fish and he might give you a clue.

Or if all fish are already consumed and you still need help, here is huge list of Badly Drawn Faces Answers for iphone, ipod and ipad.

Answers for Algae Pad faces:
Badly Drawn Faces App AnswersMona Lisa
Abraham Lincoln
Darth Vader
Pac Man
William Shakespear
Elvis Presley
Count Dracula
Kanye West
The Tin Man
Donald Trump
Sherlock Holmes
Bruce Lee
Kermit the Frog
Carmen Sandiego
Scooby Doo

Krill Pad Answers:
Uncle Sam
Howard Stern
Jerry Garcia
Stephen Colbert
Harry Potter
Clint Eastwood
Sonic the Hedgehog
King Tutankhamun
George W. Bush
Captain Jack Sparrow
Marilyn Monroe
Kool Aid Man
Jack in the Box
Lebron James
Nelson Mandela
Elton John
Groucho Marx
Betty Boop
Donkey Kong
Charlie Chaplin
Mark Twain
Xenomorph (Alien)
Ms. Frizzle
Spider Man
Gene Simmons
Mahatma Gandhi
Che Guevara
Woody Allen
Dr. Evil
Gandalf the Grey
David Bowie
Iron Man
Michael Jackson
Mr. Spock
Fidel Castro

Plankton Pad answers:
Oliver Hardy
Jack Skellington
Borat Sagdiyev
Fred Flintstone
Dalai Lama
Ash Ketchum
Ned Flanders
Hulk Hogan
Condoleezza Rice
Frank Zappa
Ozzy Osbourne
Spongebob Squarepants
Jake Blues
Edward Scissorhands
Gautama Buddha
Mike Wazowski
Steve Urkel
Jimi Hendrix
Jay Leno
Bugs Bunny
Freddy Krueger
Mr. Penut
John Lennon
Alfred Hitchcock
Benjamin Franklin
Eric cartman
Dwight Schrute

The rest of the Badly Drawn Faces Answers and walkthrough will be up in another post. In the meantime, you can share answers that you know of in the comments.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hordes and Lords walkthrough

Hordes and Lords is a tactical fantasy real time strategy wargame from oroborogames. It's like a mini Total Wars and the likes. It's enjoyable but I only wish players can play other races or army. The story goes like this: Once upon a time, the kingdom of Ingelron were striken by the Heavens. Apparently, Methinks, their lord was a purebred loser. He couldn't keep the Hol Artifacts, he surrounded himself with thieves and crooks and worst of all was having balls 8 days a week.

One day, the capital was engulfed in the purifying flame and it blew the palace to smithereens with the king. The whole country became plunged into chaos. By ill luck, there were also a leader of bandits sitting quietly on the border who plundered and took from the rich and gave to the poor - an aspiring ruler. So yeah, he decided to be the new king by defeating goblins and other nasty creatures across the land.
Hordes and Lords walkthrough
This game is a straight forward mini wargame with squads and classes of soldiers whose strengths and weaknesses vary. Just mouse them over to where you want them go on the map and they follow, automatically attacking in range enemies. Meanwhile, I managed to find some footage of Hordes and Lords walkthrough demonstrating full gameplay from start to victorious finish.

Empty Room Escape Walkthrough

Empty Room Escape is a point and click room-escape type of game from Krutovig. It also has the elements of a quest game so I guess it is safe to say that it is a mixed of two types.
You find yourself trapped in a locked room having no clue to what happened before that. The room is practically empty but if you look hard enough, you just might find hidden places and items that will help you open locks and solve semi-complex puzzles along the way.

Empty Room Escape WalkthroughRoom escape games become the most popular type of flash game at one point in the past but now it seems that many has been fed up of it. But I do hope that developers of this kinds of games will not back down from making them for. Anyways, this game features the classic mechanics where you have to mouse everything: point and click objects, navigate using the sides and bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, here is Empty Room Escape walkthrough showing us the solutions how to beat the game.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carveola Files Walkthrough part 1

Carveola Files is the sequel to the horror themed shooter game from wootra. By the end of the first world war, an uprising of what seem of a zombie outbreak at Carveola was fought by armies around the world. Thirty years later, the outbreak reoccurs. Your mission to hold the line and don't let those walking dead breach the barricade or the rest of the defense will fall.

This game is a tap down shooter mixed with defense type. We've seen many of these types of games but Carveola Files can hold on its own. You don't just place units, you also have one soldier under your control. You also have the abilities to call in armor support and artillery and air strikes.

Carveola Files WalkthroughBut what I think this game is lacking, is a good AI. Your units just won't shoot right. They are practically dumb. The hit-points of the wall is kind of low and by level 9, being overrun is very imminent. But then again, maybe it's just who can't handle waves of enemies. I think I need a cheat of some sort for this. Anyways, here is my gameplay footage for this, you may call it part 1 of my Carveola Files walkthrough or whatever if you will.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Protobotic Walkthrough

Protobotic is another new puzzle shooter game from Random Seed. It has unique geometric levels cleverly designed to be challenging for the player. You take control of the robot here which happens to be the best creation of some scientist.

Basically, you must aim to advanced your weaponized robot through a series of tests in order to escape a secret science facility. It features 18 levels that offers exciting obstacles to overcome. It does not only has lots of puzzles, it also has an ample supply of explosions.

Protobotic Game Walkthrough
The game is played using WASD keys and mouse for shooting lasers. Anyway, being a robot that have cognitive processors is not easy at all. One might get stuck easily at specific levels so here is Protobotic walkthrough that might help you sort things out.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Red Ball 4 Walkthrough

Red Ball 4 is another latest platformer adventure game from notdoppler in which you play as the little round character. Your mission is to defeat evil blocks trying put corners onto your round world, literally. Use your rolling, jumping and roundness to beat any moving blocks on your way.

You will also have to pack some wits with you for you will have to solve many clever puzzles along the way.

Red Ball 4 walkthrough.Like the other red ball games before, this one is quite entertaining. Probably one of the most simple yet lovable platformer today. It's kind of short though, only fifteen levels and some and 16 achievements to unlock if you managed to perform specific feats in the game. I just wish there were more boss battles.

Nevertheless, this games is still, for me, a 4 out 5 star rating. Meanwhile, here is Red Ball 4 walkthrough demonstrating full gameplay including the final boss.