Saturday, November 17, 2012

ClickDEATH Beach walkthrough

ClickDEATH Beach is yet another point and click puzzle game from bored. For those who are not familiar, this is a long running flash game about ruining lives of stickmen and this time the player must cause a chain of accidents on the beach. See how fast you can eliminate all the stickmen having fun and just chilling out on a sunny day by the sea.

Well, since you are here, you have probably given up on the game already. But don't worry, I played this game and managed to beat it. I enumerated the actions I did in the game and I also included a video demonstration.
ClickDEATH Beach walkthrough

1. Click on the sun.
2. Click on the dude at the water. A ray of light will hit the hand mirror and burn the boat sailing on the sea.
3. Click on the dude at the water a bunch of times more until the guy by the umbrella gets up.
4. Now focus on the two stick guys playing soccer. You have to be quick on this step. Click on the ball, click on the foot of the guy on the right as soon as the ball touches his leg. Then click a bunch of times on the back foot of the left guy. Ball will hit his face.
5. As they do a fist fight, they will get by the large rock. Click on it.
6. Click on the hand mirror then click on the stickman next to it.
7. Click the top part of the umbrella. You win.

There, I think I've written it all in those step by step guide. If that didn't do much help, try this ClickDEATH Beach walkthrough I made which shows pretty much what I just stated above.

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