Saturday, November 17, 2012

Escape from the Mall walkthrough

Escape from The Mall is another challenging point and click puzzle game from shatteredgames. In this game, you are left alone with no money locked down inside a mall. But the good news is that you have the entire market for supplies that you will need in order to make your escape. It won't be as easy as window shopping for you will have to decode some locks and solve puzzles along your way.

Escape from The Mall walkthroughThis is played entirely by your mouse; pointing and clicking all around the place to navigate and pick up items that could be of use. Its graphic is good to the level that you can easily distinguish objects. One common difficulty in a lot of room escape games is the poor graphics that makes players confused of objects they find but this one is doing great at the visuals so thumbs up for that. Meanwhile, if you are really stuck at some point of it, this Escape From The Mall walkthrough will surely will help you out a lot but I suggest you only look at the parts where you got stuck to avoid spoiling the game.

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