Saturday, November 17, 2012

LOOT The Game Walkthrough with Ending

LOOT The Games is another platformer shooter game produced by armorgames. That blue elephant from This is the Only Level now comes to a great train chase action platformer of his life. Chase the train of loots and destroy its car one at a time using weapons and armor loots dropping from the cars. This is the ultimate fight to down to the bitter end but it would be really nice if you will be the one to emerge as victorious.

Loot The Game walkthroughIt features a bunch of loots, when I say a bunch of loots I mean a train load of it. From junk items to rare and very useful loots are in there. You just have to be quick and skilled enough in order to get the good stuff.

The game is simple, fun, addictive but it's not easy. It's one of the most challenging platformer that involves armored elephants out there, in fact. Meanwhile, here is LOOT The Game walkthrough showing full gameplay down to the final boss battle win and the ending.

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