Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fatty Genius Walkthrough

Fatty Genius is a platformer puzzler from Funny Games in which the player's goal is to help the chunky inventor find a way through the levels using his remote controlled mechanical ball. This white ball he created himself can access hard to reach places where important switches are located.

The fat genius so intelligent that he even outwit himself. It is now up to you to guide him through many levels of his house and find away around to overcome traps and obstacles.

Fatty Genius

Meanwhile, if you are lost or stuck at some point of this game, you better check out Fatty Genius walkthrough for the solution.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flash Bash Walkthrough: Challenges and Secret Characters

Flash Bash is a classic street fighter style brawler game from Godlimation. It's a compilation of godlimations characters formed into brawler death match game where the player must take down his opponet before it takes him down first. Characters are consists of Amea, Dan Mcneely, Dragon Boy, Melinka, Amano, Atal, Luemas, Dragon King and Zombie Inglor.

Melinka the boxer on roller skates and Atal the spear wielding warrior can only be unlocked by completing arcade in hard mode and completing all the challenges. The combos are awesome but sometimes when you try accomplish a challenge, they get a little off, for instance; uppercuts does not throw the enemy high enough if you have the dummy cornered in the side of the screen.

Flash Bash Walkthrough, Secret Characters, Challenges, Cheats, Review, Guide.

Anyways, here's Flash Bash walkthrough for all characters challenge video that Godlimations provided, it will give you ideas how challenges are supposed to be done. Pay attention to the timing, in some combo strings it is very important so your combos will connect.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Viaduct Designer Walkthrough

Viaduct Designer is a point and click physics puzzle game from Impish Mouse in which the player's objective is to build a bridge strong enough to hold the cargo train that will pass on it.

The player is given a budget which he spends on building materials for the bridge. The amount of weight differs slightly level after level.

While bridge building games are naturally challenging, this one was too short and lacks variation of ways to build pieces. For example, the planks can only go horizontal unlike in Cargo Bridge series where you can design your bridges to arc. Play game here.

Viaduct Designer Walkthrough.
Anyways, this game is still fun and looks really promising, hope they make improvements if there is going to be a sequel. For Viaduct Designer Walkthrough please check out the solution below.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vanguards Walkthrough by Vifer

Vanguards is another point and click physics based game from Keybol, Krieg and Crazy Monkey. The player's goal is to take out villains and saving civilians in each level.

The player takes control of different heroes each with unique abilities.

They work as a team just like the Avengers do, and like any other team of superheroes, make them use their abilities wisely and strategically to avoid unnecessary casualties.

Vanguards Walkthrough.

While this game may look all fancy and awesome with all the great art style, graphics and sound effects, it can be pretty tough to beat especially in later levels.

So I decided to play this game and record my gameplay to serve as Vanguards Walkthrough revealing solutions to all its 30 levels including the final boss.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cybertrash XL (Miniclip) Final Boss Battle (4-4 Ending)

Cybertrash XL is a side scroller shooter from Miniclip. This game is clearly inspired by the old school NES game Contra only this one looks smoother with its 3D graphics. In this game, the player takes on the character of a modern day badass whose vacation was interrupted when he received a distress call that cyborgs are doing nasty things to the world. As a badass whose job specializes in dispatching cyborgs doing nasty things, he's been called to action.

What I like about this game is the graphics, the effects and the musical scoring. It's fantastic when you fire your weapons, it casts flashes of light like a real gun fire. The only turn off is sometimes you can get stuck at the edges of platforms or terrain but it does not ruin the action at all.

Cybertrash XL (Miniclip) Final Boss Ending.Meanwhile, I've already finished playing this game and actually had a hard time beating the final boss (stage 4-4), that big ugly head.

If you need help, here is a video of some player beating Cybertrash XL Final boss. You can check out his channel if you want to see the rest of his gameplays for Miniclip's Cybertrash XL.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Monster Catcher Walkthrough

Monster Catcher is a physics based puzzle game from KissingGames. In this game, the player is a fairy but not just any fairy but the type whose expertise is catching cute and cuddly monsters. With that being said, you have been called to catch all the monsters in the forest. Get them caught by knocking them off the obstacles they built down to the net.

While this game only has 10 levels, which is very few compared to other games in its genre, the levels are well thought out and can be moderately difficult.

Monster Catcher walkthrough.

You can play this game by clicking here or if you are looking for Monster Catcher walkthrough, please be guided by the video guide below.

100 Lights Walkthrough For Iphone

Puzzle games that goes by the title of 100 of something are sprouting like mushroom both in android and ios gaming. And today we're going to talk about 100 Lights whose gameplay and mechanics is similar to its predecessors such as 100 Floors and 100 Doors.

The goal of the player is simple, advance to the next level by turning all the light on. But to accomplish that simple task, you will have to solve clever puzzles making use of the controls of your device -- sometimes you have to shake, tilt, tap or slide to interact with the objects in a level.

100 Lights Walkthrough.

The grphics is good and the hand crafted feel of it makes it look cartoony which is good. As per the difficulty of the gameplay, it's progressive. You start with very easy levels and as you go further it may require a lot of 'think out of the box' approach. Check out 100 Lights walkthrough for levels 1 to 30 in the playlist below if you think you are stuck at some point. Meanwhile, you can get this game for free here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Decision 2 All Wareshouses Locations

Hey guys! Vifer here. Since many are having troubles finding the locations of warehouses in Decision 2 by FlyAnvil, I put up a video demonstrating where you can find them all. Their locations vary from different areas in the city. Some can be found as early as the first Recon and some can only be found on tower or factory capture missions.

The acquiring warehouses in the game is vital and very important in upgrading weapons and skills. This is where you stock up the upgrades and without sufficient space, you cannot obtain new equipments even if you have enough money.

Decision 2 All Warehouses Locations.
Without further ado, I give you my vid showing Decision 2 all warehouses locations. Please share this page to everyone and also subscribe to my youtube channel if you would like to see more gameplay videos of me in the future.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sift Heads Assault 2 cheats

Sift Heads Assault 2 is a new action shooter game from pyrozen in which the player's objectives is to take as many baddies down as he can. Like its predecessor, the gameplay is still a survival shooter only in new environments and with new challenges. There are also new weapons and new moves. Anyways, I am currently playing this game, just giving it a quick run and noticed that it has cheats so why not I share some of them.
UPDATE: Check out SH Assault 3 cheats here.
Sift Heads Assault 2 Cheats
Cheat codes list and their corresponding effects:

76015 - Kick objects hard
 44529 - Inifinte ammo
67818 - Invincible
67818 - Run faster
50506 - Low gravity
00001 - + 10000
11269 - Shoot while jumping
81011 - Hardcore enemy spawning
95512 - Stronger to slide objects

Here is a video of me demonstrating Sift Heads Assault 2 cheats, hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Decision 2 Walkthrough Part 4 by Vifer

Alright, here is the fourth part of my gameplay walkthrough for FlyAnvil's Decision 2, a top down zombie shooter game. Apparently, this game rocks harder than I thought. The thrill and action gets more intense as you control new areas. New weapons and upgrades are quite tasty but you can't have them just like that -- you will have to find warehouses in order to get new weapons and skills and finding them is not a walk in the park when the danger level is on the rise.

Decision 2 Walkthrough Part 4.One good strategy is to "clean up" an area when the danger level gets close to 70%. It will greatly decrease the threat. Also try to find warehouses during first recon in the area, it will save you some time in the future. For extra money, try shooting all explosive barrels that you will see, they will earn you 100 each.

Alright, here is Decision 2 walkthrough part 4 by me, Vifer, showing why shotgun is your best friend in the game and also revealing some ATM locations. I will post the next parts of my gameplay and will also log here other tips and tricks that I learn.

100 Doors X Walkthrough

100 Doors X is a another brain teaser app from MPI Soft which features addicting mini puzzles. The goal of the player is to unlock the door in each level to advance to the next one.

This game also utilizes ios devices features so it gets really tricky. Pinching, shaking, tilting and swiping the images on screen to find a way to solve the scenario that often requires the player to think out of the box.

100 Doors X Walkthrough.

While this game may be a copy of the other escape games on iphone like 100 floors/exits, this one makes the player think a little bit harder in my opinion. Its a challenging brain twister so let's just enjoy it. Meanwhile, here's a collection of 100 Doors X walkthrough revealing solutions and spoilers for all levels of 100 Doors X.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

100 Rooms Android Walkthrough Level 1 to 7

100 Rooms is another Android app puzzle game from Ancient Blacksmiths. It features addicting mini puzzles and pretty much everything you can find in lots of other different puzzle games like 100 floors. The goal is simple; unlock the door to get to another room where another brain twisting scenario awaits. Carefully observe the room to find items that will help you advance. One item can be combined to another to get a new item. Yes, it gets pretty tricky.

Anyways, let's cover here some solutions to the first 7 levels in this challenging app shall we? For level 1: start by going left and tap on the desk. Open the middle drawer and get the item there that looks like a handle. Double tap the handle then use the lock with it to make one item. Get to the door and use the handle on it to open it.

Level 2: Start by going left twice then zooming in on the window to get the handle from the drapes. Go back right and zoom in on the flower/plant then take the antennae looking thing. Go back left twice and zoom in on shelves then take the wooden handle from the bottom part of the shelf. Tap twice on steel handle and put the antenna on it followed by the wooden handle to make another item which is a saw. Use the saw on the lock and the door should open.

100 Rooms Android Walkthrough.Level 3: Start by moving left twice and zooming in on the window. You will find a knife, take it. Go back then left and examine the trash can. Get that piece of wood then use the knife on it. Move right twice and tap the chair to move to position it to the middle. Tap the neon light and use neon on it. Go back and take note of the code: 783461 then use that numbers on the door and you're out.

Level 4: Pick the axe just above the door. Go right twice and get the power plug. Go right once and attach the plug to the broken wire. It should plug in. Zoom out then open the hot water to reveal a code on the window which reads: 514796. Memorize it or write down then go back twice and use the axe on the pieces of wood on the wall to reveal a safe. Use the code on the safe and take the keys. Yes, these keys opens the door.

Level 5: First, go right and take note of the code: 2045 and the combination of colors. Move right and tap the window. You hate ducks so you must shoot it as indicated by the codes and colors; 2 yellow, 4 green, 5 red. After successfully shooting the ducks in that exact order, a red box will reveal itself. Tap it and get a hammer. Go back then right and use the hammer on the glass on the table then take a piece of broken glass. Go to the couch where you find the code and use the piece of glass on the painting to reveal another code. Move over to the door and tap the N letter above. After that, go left once, three times to the right and twice to left and finally the door opens.

Level 6: Start by zooming in on the pieces of wood and take the code which reads: 41423. Next is go left and take the bucket. Zoom out and zoom in on the pipes. Fill the bucket with water and get the key. Go back then left and zoom in again on the bookshelf. Take the brown book that says something about codes, it has symbols that represents the code. Go back and use the symbols to open the drawers follow this order: half circle, triangle, half circle, cross, human symbol. Get the teddy bear. Go back then left and zoom in on the painting. Put the bear in the painting and use the key to open it. A new key will reveal itself which you will use to open the door.

Level 7: Start by going twice to the left then get that red book from the shelf. Keep in mind that this level is specially cryptic. Derived from the numbers on the chair, clock, teddy bear, from the planks, mail box and the number of book in the room, we have got a code that reads 981471. Now zoom in on the safe sitting on the table and use that code to open it and get the tool inside. Go back to the bookshelf. Zoom in and use the tool you got from the safe to get a piece of wire. Combine it with the tool to create a makeshift hook. Go to the mail box and use your improvised hook to get a key then swallow the key, just kidding, use it on the door and you're done.

Congratulations, you now have completed all the first 7 levels of the game. If you need more help, check this 100 Rooms Android walkthrough showing all the solutions I mentioned above.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Decision 2 Walkthrough Part 3 by Vifer

Hello ladies, gentlemen and zombies! This is part 3 of my Decision 2 walkthrough showing gameplay of me basically trying to beat the game. I really love this post apocalyptic top down shooter game. In my previous post I've mistaken that jumping werewolf as a lizard man lolz. What? They are coming out of the sewers so I thought they must be subterranean evil creatures like a reptile man like in Spiderman. Also, its not easy to tell what they are when viewed from the top.

Anyways, enough of my excuses. What I have here is third part of my Decision 2 gameplay where I try to beat this game and so far this vid shows I survived through day 10 and fortunately I did not lose a city yet.

Candy Conveyor Walkthrough

Candy conveyor is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from Mathnook. The general objective in this game is to build a factory that produces candy. It may not be that easy but maybe you can do it better than others. The player must strategically place the conveyors that will move the candies to its destination.

It wouldn't be hard if there's only one type of product but that is not the case. In this candy factory, you will have to deal with different types of candy and one type must go to its proper canister. How good you play each level will be determined by the amount of money you spent on conveyors, the lower the cost the better.

Candy Conveyor Walkthrough, Mathnook Game. Proper placement of conveyors is not everything, you will also have to time the placement of other tools such as cranes. Meanwhile, here is Candy Conveyor walkthrough from Mathnook himself showing all 14 levels solved.

Decision 2 Walkthrough Part 2

Hey guys, it's me again with the second part of my Decision 2 walkthrough where I will show you how I was able to survive through day .... What I did here is I acquired the Benelli shotgun which holds 10 rounds and shoots faster than the earlier shotgun. This is the maxed state of this weapon type. I recommend you give priority to this weapon, it would be much easier that way.

I also obtained the hacking skill early on so I can get extra money in each level with atms. My plan was to get as much money as I can early in the game so I can purchase the upgrades and weapons that I'm gonna need when the going gets tough.

Decision 2 Walkthrough part 2.Meanwhile, here is part 2 of my playthrough of Decision 2 with my gameplay revealing some tips and locations of some of the hiding places. Note: I can't cover more than 10 minutes of footage because YT won't allow me but I will upload more parts later.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Decision 2 Walkthrough by Vifer

Decision 2 is another top down zombie shooter thriller game from FlyAnvil. In this game, the player plays as a lone survivor of what seems to be the most horrific zombie apocalypse of all. You must take control of the cities by maintaining the danger level in a controllable state. Complete tasks to earn money and use them to upgrade your weapons and skills that can greatly affect how you fight the evil creatures.

In my opinion, the gameplay is by far one of the best in the top down shooter genre. The animation is neat enough to see details that you need to see. My personal favorites are when an enemy is taken aback and backflips when hit hard. Also those lizard men that jumps right at you can make you twitch a little bit.

Decision 2 walkthrough.One thing that I would want to change in this game is the reticle or cross hair. I think a simple cross is better and more precise especially when you are trying to get a head shot. Or maybe its just me whose being picky lol. I am playing this game right now and I will continue to post videos of my gameplay here. Meanwhile, My Decision 2 Walkthrough part 1 below is what I have so far (note: earlier parts are in 2x speed). I will try to upload more by tomorrow.
Update: Click Here for part 2.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gears and Guts Gameplay Walkthrough (Android App Review)

Glu recently released yet another fun free to play game called Gears and Guts. It's about driving around the street like crazy. No, it does not end there, you drive a car turned into killing machine. Equipped with automatic weapons, armors and impaling blades. So what are you gonna fight with a that kind of car, you ask? Zombies or maybe zombie robots. I'm not really sure what they are but they will try to kill you so you just have to come right at them first before they throw something at you.

If there is one thing that players should not complain about this Android app,  its the top notch graphics and visual effects it has. But having that level of graphics sometimes will give you some lags or a considerably long loading time. It may not be an issue for most players, though. It's the gameplay that you will be after this app and a ton of action happening in massive environments you will do have.

Gears and Guts Walkthrough.
The vehicles: Sports cars, armored and monster trucks are just some of the types that you will get to drive here. There are dozens of them which you can equip with different weapons. Unlock them when you earn points. If shooting gets boring, you can run them down or perform a fatal power slide for more points.

Meanwhile, check out the Gears & Guts gameplay walkthrough in this video review.

Blackwood Prologue Walkthrough and All Orbs Locations

Blackwood Prologue is a artsy platformer from Tremor Games in which the player must explore the dreams of a young boy, foreshadowing the events of his future.

Actually, it's about finding the 6 hidden orbs that you need in order to progress and complete the game. Of course, you won't find it that easily, you have to complete tasks first. You will meet characters as you play and they will ask you for help and that is where the finding the orbs comes in.

Blackwood Prologue screenshot

A dream inside a dream is inception so nightmareception is what's happening here because of many nightmares happening inside another. Anyways, here is a walkthrough showing where to find all Blackwood Prologue orbs and beat the game completely.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Zombie Situation Ending Walkthrough

What would you do in a Zombie Situation? Of course you would pack some guns and shoot your way to survival, right? This game by Elliot Pace is just about that.

The player plays as Jack who who one day finds himself in a situation where the dead walks and tries to eat the brains of the living. Jack needs to rendezvous with Sarah in the grocery store and fight off wave after waves of zombie using different kinds of guns. You will get freeze ray and laser beam weapons later in the game.
Zombie Situation Walkthrough and Ending.

This game features a story mode where you play and learn some story while following the journey of three characters. It also has a survival mode where you can test how long you can last before you get overrun - only unlockable after you complete the story mode. Meanwhile, here is a video of me beating Zombie Situation and showing the game's ending.

Archaeologist's Chronicles Walkthrough and Gameplay

Archaeologist's Chronicles is a point and click escape game from Abroy where a player must escape a house of an archaeology. Search from room to room for possible clues to where the key might be hidden. Solve puzzles referencing the archaeological sites in the world.

Since this is an Abroy made escape game, you can expect neat graphics and easy to recognize visuals and like any other room escape game from this developer, you can also expect this to be moderately difficult to hard.
Archaeologist's Chronicles Walkthrough.

If ever you got stuck, you can refer to the video of Archaeologist's Chronicles Game Walkthrough I embedded below. You may also check out the uploader's channel and subscribe to it if you find it useful, there's a lot of good stuff there.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tequila Zombies 2 Walkthrough and Tips

Tequila Zombies 2 is yet another side scrolling action game from IriySoft. You just gotta hate it when the dead crosses your way the second time around. Its a good thing that those zombies drop items like guns, money, jalapeno peppers, chainsaws and most of all, tequilas! The dead has everything you need for the apocalypse, you just have to take it from them, by force of course.

Tequila Zombies 2 Walkthrough and Tips.I must warn you, this game can be very addicting, so may I suggest that you get your job done first before you proceed to playing this awesome time waster.
I would like to give you a constructive review but I would rather go and play this game again for the third time because I want to beat Zombie Robocop again.

There is no general walkthrough for this one, but one tip I can give is just buy the more powerful weapons and shoot efficiently to beat the game. The explosive weapons are the best when it comes to bosses and zombies in large groups. Also, only use your special attack when needed. Meanwhile, you can watch the Tequila Zombies 2 gameplay walkthrough below and see if there are tips for you there.

Donkey Sean Walkthrough

Donkey Sean is a physics based puzzle game from Freegamepick. It is a platforming puzzle where you must guide three animals namely, big donkey, medium goat and small owl. The objective is simple: get all three characters to the right side of each level. In most levels, you have to have them work together in order to overcome obstacles in the way.

Its consist of 24 levels with progressing level of difficulty. The visuals and graphics are neat enough to be well appreciated in iOS devices such as iphone and ipad but the physics elements can use some improvements. It's not that all messed up, its just in some levels you can get stuck at the edges of platforms.
Donkey Sean Game Walkthrough.

I don't know if its a glitch or the problem might be at my end i.e. browser issue. Needless to say, this game can be rated as okay to moderately cool in my humble opinion, I must commend the funny voice acting, though. Here is Donkey Sean walkthrough revealing some tricks to beat all levels.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

100% Complete Walkthrough Shows All Items Location

This is game called 100% Complete by NoLanLabs is so easy to win; just a few jumps to the right and you will find the door. Just kidding, you will have to find all items to call it a successful game over. It's about finding items hidden in secret places that are only accessible through movable blocks on walls.

To make it easier, I suggest that you find the helicopter cap and green eye glasses first. The copter cap will allow you to literally fly and reach high places while the green shades will allow you to easily determine movable blocks form regular walls.

"100% Complete Game"

There are 50 hidden items to find here which all of them is found by me shown in my video of 100% Complete walkthrough. It took me about 30 minutes to find all of them then I played the game again finding the copter cap and glasses first made it easier to beat. Anyways, the video of me revealing all items location in the game comes next.

100 Floors Annex Walkthrough (Levels 1 to 5)

What's next when you finished all levels in 100 Floors app from Tobi? Well, the answer is 100 Floors Annex where extra levels and challenging puzzles awaits you. I think they should change the title of this game to Infinity Floors because at this rate, it may not end lolz. Good job Tobi apps!

The mechanics have not changed, you just have to solve puzzles tapping, pinching, shaking and tilting you device to interact with objects in each floor in order to advance to the next level where a new puzzle has to be solved.

100 Floors Annex Walkthrough level 1 to 5Its still free although there are ads but nonetheless it is still one of the best brain twister app for the iphone and ipad.

But enough of me blabbering things, here I collected (so you don't have to) some 100 Floors Annex walkthrough that shows level 1 to 5 solutions.