Friday, August 10, 2012

Decision 2 Walkthrough Part 2

Hey guys, it's me again with the second part of my Decision 2 walkthrough where I will show you how I was able to survive through day .... What I did here is I acquired the Benelli shotgun which holds 10 rounds and shoots faster than the earlier shotgun. This is the maxed state of this weapon type. I recommend you give priority to this weapon, it would be much easier that way.

I also obtained the hacking skill early on so I can get extra money in each level with atms. My plan was to get as much money as I can early in the game so I can purchase the upgrades and weapons that I'm gonna need when the going gets tough.

Decision 2 Walkthrough part 2.Meanwhile, here is part 2 of my playthrough of Decision 2 with my gameplay revealing some tips and locations of some of the hiding places. Note: I can't cover more than 10 minutes of footage because YT won't allow me but I will upload more parts later.

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