Friday, November 9, 2012

Sift Heads Assault 3 Cheats

Sift Heads Assault 3 is another new flash shooter action from gamesfree. Vinnie is back for yet another action packed survival awesomeness. Survive waves of enemies descending upon you with the aid of your trusty arsenal.

This game, I think is better than any of its predecessor in the series of SHA games. It has smoother graphics and gameplay, it has less lags, it has better sound effects and it has more badass moves than before. It is more challenging too but if the challenge is too much for you to handle, you can use Sift Heads Assault 3 codes that will enable you to play more easily and with extra perks.
Sift Heads Assault 3 cheats

The codes and their corresponding effect:
PPONOP - turn off close combat enemies.
DLOG - gets you some cash (50,000).
AHPLA - Invincibility.
EDOMH - Start with maximum security alert.
DIPAR - Fire at an insane fast rate.
DEDAOL - Unlimited ammo.
PPONOP - turn off close combat enemies.
DRAH - badder enemies.
TAOLF - Lowers the effect of gravity on Vinnie.

That's all of Sift Heads Assault 3 cheats that are also demonstrated in the video below and I hope it will help you have more fun playing.

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