Saturday, August 18, 2012

100 Lights Walkthrough For Iphone

Puzzle games that goes by the title of 100 of something are sprouting like mushroom both in android and ios gaming. And today we're going to talk about 100 Lights whose gameplay and mechanics is similar to its predecessors such as 100 Floors and 100 Doors.

The goal of the player is simple, advance to the next level by turning all the light on. But to accomplish that simple task, you will have to solve clever puzzles making use of the controls of your device -- sometimes you have to shake, tilt, tap or slide to interact with the objects in a level.

100 Lights Walkthrough.

The grphics is good and the hand crafted feel of it makes it look cartoony which is good. As per the difficulty of the gameplay, it's progressive. You start with very easy levels and as you go further it may require a lot of 'think out of the box' approach. Check out 100 Lights walkthrough for levels 1 to 30 in the playlist below if you think you are stuck at some point. Meanwhile, you can get this game for free here.

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