Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dictator Outbreak Best Strategy, Tips, Tricks and cheats

In case you missed it, Dictator Outbreak is a new strategy and management simulation game for iphone and ipad. The player plays as the dictator of a fledgling democratic republic.

While your role as the sole supreme leader of the nation sounds great, many others will try to replace you. What you do, of course, is punish those treacherous enemies while praising those who do you good.

But you already know that so instead of babbling about what's obvious, I will give useful hints and tips that when you implemented it on your game, you will see great results.
Dictator Outbreak Strategy Tips Tricks and cheats

Here's our question that needs answering: How to make more money in Dictator Outbreak game?

Well, one efficient way of earning money in this game is by having at least one faction to over 10 stars. You may ask 'why'. This approach is good because for every star that you get above the tens you will receive a bonus 20,000 dollars per turn. You see it now? That's right. If you can manage and keep more factions over tens, you will have enough money to run the country for the rest of your life.

Now how do we exactly do that? Good question! First you should pick a faction. Any faction will do. That one single faction will be your focus so select it for a decision first. Choose the option that will increase your rating within that faction.

In the next turn, choose another faction other than the faction you choose to reach 10 stars. Any other faction will do and make the decision against the first faction. This will increase your popularity by 1 or more within your priority faction.

You just have to focus on the faction you intend to max out by making a decision and choosing the most favorable action to it. If done right, money will flow into your bank.

There's a little risk with this strategy though. You must never let any other factions go below 3 stars for two turns or you risk a revolution. To avoid such bloody revolutions, you must make decisions favorable to your other factions once in a while. Just enough to keep them at bay which means keeping them 3 stars and above.

That's one efficient way to make more money in Dictator Outbreak and the other ways include cheating using third party application which I do not advise at the moment for we have not laid hands on such apps so far. Until we do, this strategy to make more money in the game is the closest to a working Dictator Outbreak cheats that all of us can use without risk whatsoever.


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