Sunday, November 10, 2013

Escape Game Hospital Escape Android walkthrough

Escape Game Hospital Escape is another new brain teaser puzzle game from Neodots Creation for Android devices. The game is a first person view and is set inside a locked down hospital. What you have to do is find clues, codes and items that will help you solve puzzles as you progress.

While this game is as simple as it may seem, it can be pretty challenging even for seasoned escape gamers. It's fund and challenging but nevertheless, I got it completed. Here's a written walkthrough guide for all of you.

Go to the drawers in the first room and pick up the battery.
In the same room, examine the wall clock and get its battery as well.
Get out of the room and pick up clipboard/logbook on the floor by the plant.
Go to the counter and pick up the remote control. Go back to the first room and combine the the batteries with the remote control.
Use the remote control on the television screen. Take note of the numbers that will appear on the top right corner of the TV screen.
Use the code from the TV to solve the number panel on the pantry. Once you enter that correct numbers a key will be revealed from the coffee dispenser.

Escape Game Hospital Escape Android walkthrough.

Use the key to open the store room. Inside the store room, collect the doormat, rod, hammer and green surgical mask.
Hospital Escape Game

Go to the staff room door and place the door mat on the floor.

Use the hammer on door's glass pane then use the rod to make the key fall off. It will fall on to the rug.

Use the key to open the staff room. Inside the staff room, collect the blue apple then open the medicine refrigerator using the number on your pink logbook.

Obtain the orange chemical from the refrigerator. You will need it for later.
In the same room, pick up a purple book from the bookshelf. The purple book contains the number code that will open the first aid suitcase.

Inside the case is a key which opens the green cabinet.
The green cabinet contains laboratory coats. Pick up the third coat and inspect its breast pocket to get another key.
You may wear the coat and mask so that you will look like a doctor. Now go back to the refrigerator and open the small box inside it using the key you got from the coat.
Inside the small box is the key-card needed to open the exit.
Go back to the front desk/counter and open the middle drawer on the left using the key from the blue apple.

Collect the piece of crumpled paper and straighten it. When it's all straighten up, pour the orange liquid on it to reveal the final code.

Use the key card and code on the staff only exit and you are done.

That's all I have for the written Hospital Escape Android walkthrough and if you want more spoilers or prefer watching than reading, check out my video below.

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