Monday, July 22, 2013

Escape Challenge Level 10 Walkthrough

Escape Challenge Level 10 is such a pain to my zombie brain and it took like forever to solve it. But it's over now because I manged to beat it after a long while of teeth gnashing, complaining to friends and violent scratching of head. Without boring you any further with a lousy introduction, below is the written guide with pictures to help you understand better what I'm saying here.

On the main view of the room, tap the frame on the wall on the left corner and notice the pattern of blocks in it.

Escape Challenge Level 10 walkthrough

Zoom out and go to the safe just below the frame. Use the pattern you found in the frame on the blocks puzzle on the safe.

Take the cross like item from inside the safety vault you just opened. Zoom back out to main view and then go to the shelf on the right.

Solve the green circuit puzzle. Arrange them so that it makes the something like shown in the picture below.

Inside the shelf compartment is a stuffed teddy bear. Turn it to its back to reveal a red string. Pull the strings out until you get it all into your inventory.

Zoom out and then go to the clock puzzle on to the right of the door. Enter the numbers 2479 to open it.

Get the can opener and go to the left wall where you need to put the cross like relic (refer to the image below).

Go to the small table beside the door. Move the objects on as shown in the image below to reveal a can. Tap on the can to examine it and use the can opener from your inventory to open it.

Inside it is a magnet. Take it and in your inventory, merge the magnet and the string.
Zoom back out to main view and go to the center of the floor.

Use the merged string and magnet from your inventory to get the relic inside the hole in the floor. Go to the left wall of the room and put the relic in its slot.

Tap the middle of the wall to reveal a secret passage. Tap inside it until a statue holding the key comes out. Take the key from the statue.

Zoom back out and go to this puzzle (see image below).

Written on the wall is the code to solve this puzzle. If you look at it upside down you will get the number 1372. That's the code you need. Enter those numbers into the base of the stone slab and it will reveal a vault. Use the yellow key to open it then take the grey key from it.

That's the final key that you must use to open the door and finally escape level 10. That's it but there will be another level when the developer of this game updates his app. If this Escape Challenge Level 10 walkthrough helped please consider liking my fb page or leave a comment.

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