Friday, August 10, 2018

Night at The Laboratorium walkthrough

Night At The Laboratorium is another action shooting game you can play on Armor Games. You play as an applicant for a job at Area 52, a top secret government facility that is even more secret than the popular area 51. That means it's a place where dangerous experiments are done which ultimately lead to some of the subjects escaping from their confinements and taking over the facility if you don't do your job which to manually shut down the main gate while defending yourself using a wide array of weaponry.

Night at the Laboratorium walkthrough.

While the game is quite good and relatively fun, it has its difficulties. It also has some imbalances with the weapons' capabilities.

As for the gameplay, it's like most of the many shooting flash games I have played before - it becomes repetitive. Switching from range equipment to melee weapons can change up things a bit, though which is good. And it also present new strategies in taking down enemies.

Anyway, here's my Night At The Laboratorium walkthrough showing how I beat the game and shut the main gate.

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