Sunday, March 4, 2018

Decrypto Game Answers and Walkthrough For All Levels

Decrypto is a new mobile game for cryptography lovers. It is part of an intelligent game series packed with difficult ciphers to solve.

Decrypto game answers.

It's basically a puzzler game in which a player must decipher a word in each level using the ciphers given. Each level has a unique cipher but cleverly designed to be associated to previous level. For example, the first hint in each level is a word connected to the previous level.

If you solve a level, you will get 1 help point and experience points. Help points can be used to unlocked more hints. If hints are not enough to help you solve a level, you can always unlocked the word by using help points. If you don't have enough help points, you will have to purchase it.

You can also ask help by using the 'ask help on facebook' button. Or you can just continue reading on this page and find out all the answers by perusing the Decrypto Game answers for levels somebody posted on YouTube which you can watch below.

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