Saturday, February 3, 2018

Summertime Saga Golden Compass walkthrough

Summertime Saga is probably one of the most popular simulation game for mobile game that is not available on the Play Store. With its excellent quality in terms of art style and immersive gameplay mobile gamers from around the world are discovering it organicaly - mostly through word of mouth.
Summertime Saga Golden Compass walkthrough.

Anyway, if you are reading this, you are probably looking for guides to completing specific storyline of the game - more specifically, the part where you have to look for clues to find the pirate treasure called the Golden Compass. That is by far the most challenging part of the game until the developers release more puzzles into the game.

Lucky you for I got you covered. I've already got passed that part and can now confidently give you a written guide for that specific part. So let's get in to it.

By now, you have triggered the part where Erik's father tried to break into their home and thwarted it, resulting to Larry, Erik's dad ending up in jail.

Larry will point you to the location of a key. This key is needed to open the treasure later.

I outlined below the step by step process to completing the Golden Compass storyline:

1. Talk to Erik's dad at the police station jail.
2. Go to the park and click on the tree behind the fountain where you will find the stolen goods which contains the key. Take key.
3. Click on the fountain and pick up one of the golden/copper coin near the bottom of the screen.
4. Go to the hospital and talk to Roz. Ask about the dead boatsmith and just follow Roz' instructions. You will receive an old obituary document.
5. Go to Aunt Diane's garden. You will notice that the wall on the right side of the garden just beside the shed has a part that is somewhat broken. Click on it to get to the graveyard..
6. Click on the left tombstone.
7. Go to the church and click the room upstairs. It will lead you all the way to the top where you will find the bell.
8. At night, go to the forest then click on the rock where the moonlight is shining down.
9. Solve the puzzle by arranging the pieces to make the picture of moonshine (3 rays of light) and a half moon. See picture below.

10. Now that you have the map, you can now go to the beach. On the beach, click on the small deserted island. That is where the treasure is buried.
11. Using the numbers 1513 inscribe on the golden coin you found at the fountain and the old book from the library shelf, input the following combination onto the treasure chest: octopus, mermaid, octopus, anchor.
12. Tap on the keyhole and claim the item inside.

Summertime Saga Treasure Chest Combination

That's it, you just found the lost treasure. You can now exchange it for the special fishing bait with Captain Terry.

That concludes our Summertime Saga Golden Compass walkthrough which will help you find your way to a new world - particularly an under water world.