Friday, October 19, 2018

Summertime Saga 0.17 New Story Update

Summertime Saga 0.17 will feature new characters and new locations as well as new expansion stories for some of the characters from previous version particularly with Diane, the twin sister of Debbie whom the main character is currently living with.

Summertime Saga 0.17 New Story update.

According to Kompas, the developer of the game, the said update focuses on Diane's business - the fresh milk business. If you have played the previous version, you probably know that MC and Diane agreed to expand the milk business by finding a way to increase their production.

However, it wasn't an easy task as it requires some extensive research. The main character (MC) ultimately found the proper method to increase the production of milk which we will see in the version 0.17 that is yet to come out.

While the developers are busy working with the update, they are also doing some character rework, slightly changing some character's appearances to make them look better and fine tuning the animation so that it plays more smoothly.

Here's some preview of what to expect with Summertime Saga 0.17 new story update when it comes out in November or December of this year.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Night at The Laboratorium walkthrough

Night At The Laboratorium is another action shooting game you can play on Armor Games. You play as an applicant for a job at Area 52, a top secret government facility that is even more secret than the popular area 51. That means it's a place where dangerous experiments are done which ultimately lead to some of the subjects escaping from their confinements and taking over the facility if you don't do your job which to manually shut down the main gate while defending yourself using a wide array of weaponry.

Night at the Laboratorium walkthrough.

While the game is quite good and relatively fun, it has its difficulties. It also has some imbalances with the weapons' capabilities.

As for the gameplay, it's like most of the many shooting flash games I have played before - it becomes repetitive. Switching from range equipment to melee weapons can change up things a bit, though which is good. And it also present new strategies in taking down enemies.

Anyway, here's my Night At The Laboratorium walkthrough showing how I beat the game and shut the main gate.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Summertime Saga Version 0.16 Roxxy Walkthrough

Summertime Saga version 0.16 is has been released and it features the story of one of the most sought after female character in the game, Roxxy. It took a couple of months before the update has been polished and finished and now it is fully ready for action, if you know what I mean.

Summertime Saga 16.0 Roxxy walkthrough.

I have already downloaded, played and finished Roxxy's story and it took me some several hours to complete it. In my opinion, this is the best update to STS so far with its better art, animations and more smooth overall gameplay.

But you are not here for my opinion regarding the general gameplay, are you? You are here for the game to Roxxy's story line. So let's start.

Roxxy, Missy and Becca's Story hints and tips.

Roxxy the gorgeous but mean cheerleader is the first girl (aside from Mia) you'll encounter when you first go to school. But that encounter is not the beginning of her story.

To officially start her story, you  must go to the 3 floor of the school building. You will see her there being scolded by the teachers.

After that, you will find her in Miss Bissette's class during class hours and at some point at the girls' restrooms (the one that is under repair). You'll only encounter her in there once and after that it will always be in Miss Bissette's class and later on at the trailer during weeknights and at the beach during weekend nights.

To progress without hassles, I suggest you build your stats first. Charisma is very important in order to get past Missy and Becca at the shower so work on it by meeting Eve and beating her friends at rap battle at the park during night.

If you want a more visual guide, there's a little known but good YouTube channel that do gameplays of STS which is probably the best place to learn some tips, hints and spoilers. Go watch their Summertime Saga version 0.16 Roxxy walkthrough below.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Summertime Saga Miss Okita walkthrough

Summertime Saga version 15 is finally out and is available for download from Patreon and its official website. For those who don't know, this game is a dating simulator that revolves around daily life of a schoolboy.

Summertime Saga Miss Okita walkthrough

Being an average young man with a not so average package down south, he always gets himself in unexpected situations with people around him including but not limited to his teachers at school, classmates and housemates.

Anyway, since you are here, it must mean that you are looking for a specific answer that boggles your mind regarding Miss Okita, right? If that is the case I suggest you stay a bit longer reading as I have some useful tips for you.

Tip number 1: Tori Okita is a very smart person and to deal with her, you must have your intelligence or INT up. You can check the status of your INT by opening the smartphone icon at the top of the game screen. If it's below half, you will not get all of Okita's quest.

To build up your intelligence, you must buy and repair the computer in your room. Once that is done, you can now play the Maze game in it. Every successful Maze game, you earn one point to your INT stat. Keep playing the Maze game until you have more than half int.

High level of int is required when you get to the part where you have to build Okita's inventions such as the Varifocal lenses.

Tip number 2: You need to build your charisma or CHR. This is necessary in order to proceed with further quests from Okita. You should be able to build your charisma by successfully accomplishing the rap battle with Eve's gang at the park during midnight. Build your chr early on the game to avoid hassles when pursuing quests from teachers.

Tip number 3: You must also build strength and agility to at 25 percent. This will ensure that further quests will be triggered.

Tip number 4: Watch the video below. It's a complete Summertime Saga Miss Okita walkthrough showing actual gameplay demonstration of how things are properly done in that particular part of the game.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Amazon Super Value Quiz April 2018 Answers

Amazon Super Value Quiz is a raffle promo where people residing in India can have a chance to win prizes from Amazon. It has been a successful promotional campaign last month so the largest online store is bringing it back for this month of April.

Amazon Super Value Quiz answers.

The contest will start on April 1st from 12:00 am and will end April 3rd at exactly 11:59 pm.

To be eligible to join, you must download and install the App on your device and must be signed in to it during the cotest period.

If you don't have an account yet, you must sign up first. Once you have signed in to the app, explore the app and look for the page where 6 questions are posted.

You must answer all questions correctly in order to qualify for the raffle draw.

The questions are easy but just to make sure you don't miss out of this chance by making a mistake, here's the correct answers:

Q: Shopping on Super Value Day gives you cashback on purchase of household supplies & more. What is the maximum cashback you can avail?

A: Rs.1200

Q: Super Value Day occurs on which days of the month?
A: 1st 2nd and 3rd of every month

Q: Which of the following would NOT be eligible for the Super Value Day cashback offer?
A: UFO Saucer

Q: Customers using which bank’s credit or debit card are eligible for the additional cashback on shopping from Super Value Days?

Q: After the order is dispatched, how long does it take for the Super Value Day cashback to be credited to customer’s account?
A: 72 hours

Q: All products listed in the Amazon Pantry Store qualify for the Super Value Day cashback offer
A: True

You should also try to keep yourself updated with the app so you will know every Amazon Super Value Quiz answers in the future.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle March 29 Answers

Are you playing Wordscapes, one the most extremely addicting word puzzle game for mobile devices? Well me too. Do you always get stuck in the daily puzzle? Well, I don't always get stuck. In fact, I always almost get all the answers without using hints.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle March 29 anwers.

Today I got nothing else to do so I played some levels and also did the daily puzzle for March 29. Thankfully, my vocabulary did not fail me and I managed to get all the correct answers.

Here are the words for this level in no particular order:


Always remember to solve the word where the butterfly is first. That way you will earn more stars and quickly unlock the photos.

Here's a video version showing the Wordscapes Daily Puzzle March 29 answers I listed above actually works.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Decrypto Game Answers and Walkthrough For All Levels

Decrypto is a new mobile game for cryptography lovers. It is part of an intelligent game series packed with difficult ciphers to solve.

Decrypto game answers.

It's basically a puzzler game in which a player must decipher a word in each level using the ciphers given. Each level has a unique cipher but cleverly designed to be associated to previous level. For example, the first hint in each level is a word connected to the previous level.

If you solve a level, you will get 1 help point and experience points. Help points can be used to unlocked more hints. If hints are not enough to help you solve a level, you can always unlocked the word by using help points. If you don't have enough help points, you will have to purchase it.

You can also ask help by using the 'ask help on facebook' button. Or you can just continue reading on this page and find out all the answers by perusing the Decrypto Game answers for levels somebody posted on YouTube which you can watch below.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Summertime Saga Golden Compass walkthrough

Summertime Saga is probably one of the most popular simulation game for mobile game that is not available on the Play Store. With its excellent quality in terms of art style and immersive gameplay mobile gamers from around the world are discovering it organicaly - mostly through word of mouth.
Summertime Saga Golden Compass walkthrough.

Anyway, if you are reading this, you are probably looking for guides to completing specific storyline of the game - more specifically, the part where you have to look for clues to find the pirate treasure called the Golden Compass. That is by far the most challenging part of the game until the developers release more puzzles into the game.

Lucky you for I got you covered. I've already got passed that part and can now confidently give you a written guide for that specific part. So let's get in to it.

By now, you have triggered the part where Erik's father tried to break into their home and thwarted it, resulting to Larry, Erik's dad ending up in jail.

Larry will point you to the location of a key. This key is needed to open the treasure later.

I outlined below the step by step process to completing the Golden Compass storyline:

1. Talk to Erik's dad at the police station jail.
2. Go to the park and click on the tree behind the fountain where you will find the stolen goods which contains the key. Take key.
3. Click on the fountain and pick up one of the golden/copper coin near the bottom of the screen.
4. Go to the hospital and talk to Roz. Ask about the dead boatsmith and just follow Roz' instructions. You will receive an old obituary document.
5. Go to Aunt Diane's garden. You will notice that the wall on the right side of the garden just beside the shed has a part that is somewhat broken. Click on it to get to the graveyard..
6. Click on the left tombstone.
7. Go to the church and click the room upstairs. It will lead you all the way to the top where you will find the bell.
8. At night, go to the forest then click on the rock where the moonlight is shining down.
9. Solve the puzzle by arranging the pieces to make the picture of moonshine (3 rays of light) and a half moon. See picture below.

10. Now that you have the map, you can now go to the beach. On the beach, click on the small deserted island. That is where the treasure is buried.
11. Using the numbers 1513 inscribe on the golden coin you found at the fountain and the old book from the library shelf, input the following combination onto the treasure chest: octopus, mermaid, octopus, anchor.
12. Tap on the keyhole and claim the item inside.

Summertime Saga Treasure Chest Combination

That's it, you just found the lost treasure. You can now exchange it for the special fishing bait with Captain Terry.

That concludes our Summertime Saga Golden Compass walkthrough which will help you find your way to a new world - particularly an under water world.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Cheats and Answers

Wordscapes is no doubt one of the best mobile apps to play if you want to pass the time with its simple yet challenging gameplay, you will find it hard to put down. It is currently the top free app on the Play Store with millions of people having it installed on their phones.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle cheats.

While the game is very entertaining, it is also by far one of the most challenging puzzle games out there especially if English is not your first language. As you progress through the game, you will inevitably face more difficult levels. Good news is that you can spend in-game coins for hints.

But... There's bad news as well, for the coins are limited and you will have to use real money to purchase more of it. If you don't care to spend a dime for in-game coins, you can earn them by finding bonus words or by completing the Daily Puzzles.

The daily puzzles are sometimes difficult too, however. Luckily, there's this video playlist that compiles the daily puzzles solution. It contains the solutions to the most recent daily levels which you can refer to if you get stuck.

Here's Wordscapes Daily Puzzle cheats and answers playlist to help you earn those precious in-game coins.