Saturday, February 25, 2017

Yi Sun-Shin Build Guide Mobile Legends

So I've been playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang and recently got one of the new heroes Yi Sun-Shin. He's a marksman and can wreak some real havoc if you use him wisely with the right gear build.
Yi Sun Shin Build Guide Mobile Legends.

After some experimenting with item build combinations I found some good build that works best for me. Before we get to the items, let me tell you that I play Yi Sun as type of support that assists my teammates because this hero relatively soft and terribly slow.

Yi Sun's skills inflicts bleeding effects to the enemies so I figured that's what I should keep in mind when choosing build items.

Build #1

Tooth Of Greed. This is item steals HP from targets. This minimizes the need to go back to base to replenish health.

Deadly Blade. This item lowers the target's regeneration rate. This helps maximize the bleeding effects of your skills.

Enchanted Talisman. This item is for mana regeneration and it also decreases the cool down of your skills. Yi Sun's last skill takes too much time to cool down so you need this item if you want to rain down deadly arrows as often as possible.

Blade Of Destruction. This item is for the damage.

Magic Shoes. Not just for additional movement speed but also helps lessen the cool down time of abilities.

Flame Of Fury. This item burns the target. Your target will not only bleed but also burns so that's twice the life drain. This is good to inflict fear and panic to enemies.

Build #2

This build I use for the damage and cooldown. With this item combinations I can play a bit of a fighter role when needed. It won't always let you win one on one with Zhao or Balmond but it gives you a fighting chance.

Fallen Sword. This is one of the best damage items there is but is quite expensive. So build it early on. It also has a lifesteal effect.

Enchanted Talisman. As mentioned it is for the cooldown time.

Deadly Blade. For lowering target's HP regeneration rate.

Hunter Strike. Not only this item grants you additional 100 physical attack but it also lessen 20% cooldown time to your abilities.

Magic Shoes. Again, for the cooldown.

Blade Of Despair. This makes your last skill very deadly. Wait for enemies to be stunned, blinded or disabled by your teammates then use your ultimate skill and see how their health bars go out quickly.

Those two builds is what I currently use but I'm sure there are more better combinations. With the item build above I have a 65% win rate. I have also managed to become MVP 5 times in a row. The best thing with this hero is that he can be a really valuable support. He's like the reverse of Rafaela - instead of healing teammates, he deals huge extra damage to enemies at once.

Anyway, that's all I have for Yi Sun-Shin build guide Mobile Legends at the moment but no doubt I will discover more effective item combinations in the future.


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