Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cash Me Outside The Game Trending Now

Cash Me Outside has been trending for a while now on every social media platform so why not make a game based on it? Gold Coast Apps did just that and their game is gaining so much traction right now.

Cash Me Outside The Game walkthrough.
In the game you play as the girl with attitude that needs to collect as much wads of cash as possible by leaping shifting platforms. Though it may sound so simple it is actually pretty hard. Like Flappy Bird kind of hard.

As per the game's graphics concern, the visuals are neat enough which is in 3D so it is not hard to look at. The animation runs smooth though occasionally you may find some glitches particularly at the edges of the platforms.

Overall it's a simple game with intermediate difficulty that is perfect for those who likes to try their reflexes. If you need to see the game in action just go ahead and watch the Cash Me Outside The Game walkthrough below:

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