Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hooda Escape Trump Tower walkthrough and review

Hooda Escape Trump Tower is another parody point and click puzzle game from Hooda Math, a popular flash game developer. In the game, your goal is get off the office tower of the new president elect Donald Trump. It won't be easy but it's not impossible either.

Hooda Trump Tower Escape walkthrough.

Playing in first person, you use the mouse to pick up items from around rooms. Some items are hidden or tucked inside drawers or boxes that can only be opened by certain items that you need to obtain first. Some doors or drawers requires codes in order to be opened. So pay attention to details specially to the stuff said by in-game characters that you can interact with.

Hooda Math games are known for having good quality art work and smooth interface in their games but they also are challenging and this game is not an exception. Good thing there's a Hooda Escape Trump Tower walkthrough at hand if you ever felt you've given up.

Given the challenging nature, this game is perfect if you want to pass the time.