Saturday, November 5, 2016

Living With Lana walkthrough guide

Living With Lana is another one of those games that you don't want to play when there are other people around. This 3D game is developed by Play Force One and I think it's the latest of these, uh, type of games.

The game features 3D graphics and stimulating settings. It follows the story of a young couple who just moved in together. You play as the man and your goal in the game is to, well uh, score. Your duty is to make sure you provide Lana, your girlfriend what she needs. And though it may sound easy, it is actually a very challenging task.

With limited time, the creator of this game made sure you will have a hard time balancing things up. Good thing I'm here to help. I will outline below how I achieved 3 out of 3 possible endings for the game.

Ending one is the loser ending wherein Lana decided to broke up with you and hook up with your bestfriend Roger. Yeah, it sucks, I know.

Ending two is the not-so-loser's ending in which you managed to live together until she graduated school and found a job but then you got caught doing things in her office so her father talked Lana into breaking up with you.

Ending three is the winning ending where Lana passed all her exams then landed a good job then the both of you went to a vacation  galore at the beach where you expressed your love for each so hard you had to propose to her.
Living With Lana walkthrough.

Alright, I played this game for the good part of 2 hours so I think that makes me some sort of expert here lol.

LWL Tips:

What you want to do here is make the best out of what you do. That means:

1. Ignore art. Because art in this game is so irrelevant.

2. Just build your fitness to 30 as soon as you can. Eat healthy food until you get your fitness to 5. Then jog every morning. Also do basketball as soon as you can. But keep in mind that you should give time to interact with your girl.

3. When you reach fitness 30, you can work as a bouncer at night. This is the only job you will need.

4. Always interact with Lana in the morning and in the kitchen.

5. This is the most important. Always watch pron movies at noon until you have a sexperience of at least 50. This is the key factor if you want to satisfy her needs in almost everything.

That's it! If you use this Living With Lana walkthrough (LWLW) as a guide, you should be okay and achieve the good ending.


  1. Always stuck on Ending 1 - this walkthrough didn't help at all! 22 days is far too short to be able to complete the game!

  2. The walkthrough works great. Did everything in couple of hour. Worth it. Would like more games like this.

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