Thursday, November 3, 2016

Abandoned Barbaric House Escape walkthrough

Abandoned Barbaric House Escape is another new brain twisting point and click puzzle game brought to you by Games2Rule. In this challenging game, you are trapped alone inside deserted house and like any other sane person who is trapped in a creepy house, you figured you have to get out of there.

Abandoned Barbaric House Escape walkthrough.

The problem is you cannot just walk out of the door you came in so you have to improvise. And by improvise I mean look around to find items that will help you solve puzzles which would lead you to finding keys that will open the right exit door to freedom.

I rate the puzzles in this game as challenging or maybe I just bad at these kind of games. Anyway, I beat the game in under an hour but admittedly with the help of this Abandoned Barbaric House Escape walkthrough which shows spoilers and solution to all puzzles in it.

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